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Cornell Farms in NY was recently featured in Hoard's Dairyman September 25th Issue. The 150 cow dairy farm is using Energrow's pressing equipment to process its raw soybeans on-farm in order to make their own pelleted soymeal and oil. The meal is used to replace most of the farm's purchased proteins and the oil is sold for extra income.

"The story was obviously read by many dairy farmers," says Jasmin Hofer, CEO of Energrow. "At least 70% of the farmers who came by our booth at the World Dairy Expo had already read the article and wanted to know more." Time after time a dairy farmer would say "I want to do anything that will save me money right now."

Facing historically low milk prices, producers are looking to cut their costs to stay competitive and stay in business. And that is what this article, written by Christy Achen, focused on. Since its publication, Cornells are receiving multiple calls a day and are eager to share their experience. "That is what we want," says Cody Cornell. "People need to find more ways to survive in the US farm economy."

"We want to thank everyone that visited our booth at the World Dairy Expo," says Hofer. "We truly feel for dairy farmers at this time. Our way to help them is to cut back one of the their biggest on-farm expenses: feed. Our pressing systems enable a farmer to turn farm grown beans into a pelleted meal to feed as a top-dress, in the TMR, and robots to minimize the proteins that are typically bought in. Our launch of the Grind Pro 250 at World Dairy Expo allows farmers to reduce their processing and equipment expenses while saving money by feeding more on-farm feed."

The low volume grinder requires only 1 hp and will pre-grind soybeans before pressing, as well as high moisture corn on-demand for feeding in robots. Unlike a hammer mill or roller mill, it can start under load so it can installed inline without the need for extra bins, sensors and augers.

About Energrow
Jasmin Hofer founded Energrow in 2006 in Ontario, Canada with her father Ernst on the family's 120 head dairy farm. Looking to cut back on feed costs, they worked with a local engineer (current business partner Nicholas Leja) and local suppliers to produce the first Energrow System. The system paid for itself in under 2 years by using the meal to replace purchased soybean meal and the oil for fuel on the farm. Realizing the benefit and value of this to other dairy farmers, and that no other turn-key pressing systems were on the market, Energrow was created and has since served North American dairy farmers along with its network of dealers throughout Canada and the USA.