The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.
Winners of the Junior Showmanship Top Ten. First – Adrienne Hodge, 11, Norwich, NY Second – Ian Briechle, 11, Susquehanna, Pa Third— Trevor Raney, 11, Adamsville, Pa Fourth – Celeste Clark, 11, Springville, Pa Fifth – Connor Walker, 11, Thomasville, Pa Sixth – Camryn Crothers, 10, Pitcher, N.Y. Seventh – Taylor Stone, 10, Greenfield, Ind, Eighth – Derek George, 11, Arcade, N.Y. Ninth – Chloe Lamb, 9, Oakfield, N.Y. Tenth – Brinkley Burdette, 9, Mercersburg Pa.

Adrienne Hodge, age 11, Norwich, N.Y., rose to the top of 98 exhibitors today to become the Champion Junior Showman of the Youth Showmanship Contest during the 2019 All-American Dairy Show at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center.

The judge selected the top 10 showmen and honorable mentions for each age division. Hodge received a $50 cash award courtesy of Harry E. & Aliene Thompson, Fountain Farm, as well as a custom embroidered Director’s Chair compliments of the Landis Marketing.

The contest is part of the Premier National Junior Events, the activities at the core of the All-American that encourage youth to pursue careers in the dairy industry through competitions that test dairy skills and knowledge. In showmanship, participants are evaluated on their ability to best showcase their animal to a judge.

Each of the top 10 showmen received a backpack compliments of New Direction Swiss, Alan MacCauley; a neck medallion courtesy of Fight Bac; a custom embroidered blanket courtesy of Hoard's Dairyman; and an insulated cooler bag courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association and the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program. Participants who advanced to the final round, but did not place in the top ten received a cash consolation prize.

The highest placing individual in the Junior Showmanship Contest exhibiting an Ayrshire received an award sponsored by Jenny’s Ayrshires, Jennifer Poole & family. The James L. Kennedy Family sponsored an embroidered travel bag for the highest placing Brown Swiss exhibitor. The highest placing Guernsey showman received an award courtesy of Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders Association. The Pennsylvania Jersey Breeders Association sponsored a show halter for the highest placing Jersey showman. ST-YLE Holsteins sponsored a banner for the highest placing Red & White exhibitor.

All participants received a coupon for a free milkshake, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association.

Sheri Boardman, Middleburg, N.Y., evaluated the junior division.

Remaining winners in the junior division were:

2nd – Ian Briechle, 11, Susquehanna, Susquehanna Co., Pa

3rd – Trevor Raney, 11, Adamsville, Crawford Co., Pa

4th – Celeste Clark, 11, Springville, Delaware Co., Pa

5th – Connor Walker, 11, Thomasville, York Co., Pa

6th – Camryn Crothers, 10, Pitcher, N.Y.

7th – Taylor Stone, 10, Greenfield, Ind.

8th – Derek George, 11, Arcade, N.Y.

9th – Chloe Lamb, 9, Oakfield, N.Y.

10th – Brinkley Burdette, 9, Mercersburg, Franklin Co., Pa

Highest Placings for Each Breed and Prizes

Ayrshire- Celeste Clark, 11, Springville, Delaware Co., Pa

Brown Swiss- Ashton Giesy, 10, Trumansburg, N.Y.

Guernsey- Jocelyn Widrick, 11, Chaumont, N.Y.

Jersey- Adrienne Hodge, 11, Norwich, N.Y.

Red & White- Chloe Lamb, 9, Oakfield, N.Y.

Milking Shorthorn - Caylene Russell, 11, Lower Cincinnatus, N.Y.