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The combined lineups of Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations graduates fourteen sires to proven lineups in Holstein, Jersey and Ayrshire breeds. Once again, industry rankings of new sire data show that Select Sires Inc. remains an industry leader—no matter the breed, index or selection criteria.

“This success continues the tradition of using science, great cow families, strategic sire development and the best people in the business to assemble the world’s most impressive genetic lineup. Beyond sire selection, these genetics are packaged by Select Sires’ industry-leading production team and customer-owners can be confident that our products turn into successful pregnancies and profitable futures,” says Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle breeding.

Select Sires Highlights

  • Six new Holstein graduates averaging +2638 GTPI®
  • Every graduate is above +700 Net Merit with 7HO13454 ROCKETFIRE (+937NM$) and 7HO12821 EVEREST (+963NM$) leading the class
  • ROCKETFIRE makes his debut on the proven GTPI listing as the breed’s No. 4 ranked sire at +2762 GTPI
  • Another outstanding class of wellness leaders with EVEREST and ROCKETFIRE each offering more than +$1,000 on the Dairy Wellness Profitability Index® (DWP$®)
  • Previously popular Super SamplerTM 7HO12897 SAMURI proves himself as a fitness and fertility specialist with positive values across the board
  • 7JE5052 CLOSER ranks as a top-25 sire for Jersey Performance IndexTM (+162GJPITM) and offers high Cheese Merit values (+510CM$)
  • 7JE1526 SLUGGER-P is a high-ranking Polled sire with balanced production, huge CM$ (+600) and super Jersey Udder IndexTM value (+19.9JUITM)
  • 7AY104 BUCKY is 95.97% Ayrshire and offers breeders a profitable combination of Milk and components

Accelerated Genetics Highlights

Two Holsteins graduate into the Accelerated Genetics lineup—both making their debut in the industry’s proven ranks as top-10 sires

  • 14HO7804 MYLES boasts +2730GTPI, +844NM$ and tremendous DWP$ value of +$1,019
  • 14HO7796 GRIFF comes in at +2725GTPI, +925NM$ and +2.2 Sire Conception Rate (SCR)
  • Breeders looking for a combination of high production (+1,165M) and high Type (+2.1PTAT) will be excited to see 14JE1502 VAPOR’s updated sire data
  • Improve fitness, overall type and mammary systems (+29.6JUI) with 14JE725 CASINO

GenerVations Highlights

  • Extremely popular Showcase SelectionsTM sire, 250HO12879 LIGHT MY FIRE graduates with +2.80PTAT and +3.10UDC

For information about individual sires, please visit and use the Dairy Sire Search to locate a sire or create an index specific to your herd goals.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is the largest global A.I. cooperative and is comprised of six farmer-owned and -controlled local organizations in the United States. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen, as well as excellence in service and programs to supply dairy and beef producers with the world’s best genetics.