March 6 2020 02:43 PM

Visit booth # 1904 to see weighing equipment and grain analyzing instruments

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Fairbanks Scales Inc., the oldest scale company in the U.S. and the world’s leader in weighing equipment, will be exhibiting industry leading equipment at GEAPS EXCHANGE 2020, which will be held March 21-24, 2020, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. Visit Booth # 1904 to see the Fairbanks truck scale product line, including a Talon HV Field Pour Truck Scale Module, as well as the FB2560 Series Instrument. Fairbanks will also be exhibiting a range of equipment manufactured by Perten Instruments, a leading supplier of Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA) moisture testing equipment for the agriculture and food industries. Fairbanks is a United States distributor offering sales and service for Perten Instruments, which are ideal for use in monitoring whole grain moisture, protein, and oil in grains and oilseeds.

Fairbanks experts will be on hand to highlight its line of heavy capacity products, including the Talon, Tundra, and Titan Series truck scales, as well as its 2000 Series and AAR Rail Scale products, which meet a wide range of installation considerations and requirements. On display will be a module cutout of the Fairbanks Talon HV Field Pour concrete deck truck scale. The Talon boasts a 10-inch concrete deck and a 25 year load cell warranty that includes lightning strikes!

Also on display will be the new and improved Fairbanks FB2560 instrument, which incorporates even faster processing power, expanded USB capabilities, an updated operating system, and more memory than the FB2558. Transitioning to the new instrument is easy, since the FB2560 maintains the same industry leading feature set, including setup, calibration methods, and user-friendly web interface.

Visitors to the booth can also see Perten Instruments’ 5200 Series Grain Moisture Tester — the most accurate whole grain moisture meter available — featuring 10-second analysis of moisture, specific weight, and temperature in all grains and oilseeds. Perten also offers the most accurate and easy to use near infrared (NIR) whole grain analyzer instruments to measure moisture, proteins, starch, oil, and fiber in its NTEP approved Inframatic 9500 Series and portable Farm version, the Inframatic 8800.

About Fairbanks Scales

Founded in 1830, Fairbanks Scales has become the leader in the industrial weighing market by creating and manufacturing an unrivaled range of weighing equipment solutions. From bench, parcel, counting, floor, and truck scales to animal, railroad track, and a full range of specialty scales, Fairbanks Scales has a reputation for being the most agile and attentive industrial weighing partner in the business. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., the company is also uniquely positioned to provide services for non-weighing products based on its nationwide contingent of technicians who can provide preventive maintenance and consistent, reliable service. To request more information or to find the Fairbanks representative or authorized distributor nearest you, please call (800) 451-4107, or visit

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