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The Center for Dairy Research (CDR) has announced that the 2020 Master Artisan Short Course will explore propionic eyed Swiss style cheese production, focusing on Emmentaler and other Swiss-type cheeses. The course will be available online beginning September 28. The course will be offered on-demand—students can take the course at their own pace (beginning September 28).

CDR staff and presenters will cover a number of topics during this short course, including traditional and modern cheese technologies, starter and adjunct cultures, propionic bacteria, CO2 and eye formation, curing/aging, current research, and much more.

In addition to technical and in-depth sessions, presenters will lead virtual sensory sessions to evaluate cheeses and discuss defects related to these styles. Join CDR for this special short course and gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of making Swiss-style cheeses.

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