Help us spread Christmas cheer this season! Submit your dairy interpretation for one or multiple days of the 12 Days of Christmas. We will be featuring one on our social media pages each day leading up to Christmas! Enter soon, our first Dairy Day will be posted on December 14th.

For each entry received Hoard’s Dairyman will be donating 1 Gallon of milk to the local food pantry!

Don’t delay! Submit your caption and photo or video entries before that chosen day occurs by sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or emailing The first day will be shared on December 14th.

All published content will be up to the discretion of the Hoard’s team.

These are just ideas, we would love to see other creative interpretations!

Partridge in a pear tree

  • Pigeon in a shop rafter, Bovine on a Christmas tree (ornament or star on top)

Two turtle doves

  • Two turtle sundaes

Three French hens

  • Three farm hens

Four calling birds

  • Four calling Christmas names (naming cows/calves)

Five gold rings

  • Five golden medals, five Gold Medal Dams

Six geese a laying

  • Six cows a calving (or in calving pens)

Seven swans a swimming

  • Seven (semen) straws a swimming, Seven breeds a judging, Seven 4-Hers Judging

Eight maids a milking

  • Eight cows being milked, Eight ladies milking cows

Nine ladies dancing

  • Nine heifers pasturing, Nine cows milking

Ten lords a leaping

  • Ten steers in fresh bedding, ten farmers leaping

Eleven pipers piping

  • Eleven pulsators pulsing, eleven clippers clipping

Twelve drummers drumming

  • Twelve tractors humming