March 26 2021 09:13 AM

The new licensed local associate laboratory will serve south and southwestern US animal nutritionists and producers.

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Rock River Laboratory, Inc. announces the opening of Rock River Laboratory - Texas, a licensed local associate laboratory. Based in Edmonson, Texas, the new lab will provide animal nutrition analysis and support services.

“Rock River Laboratory - Texas is a key addition to the patchwork of the southern and southwestern US agriculture communities,” says Zachery Meyer, Rock River Laboratory director of operations. “The services and support offered through the Edmonson lab will improve user confidence in animal nutrition programs while opening doors to new nutrition opportunities and efficiencies in the beef and dairy sectors, and beyond.”

The new laboratory offers NIR (Near Infrared) analysis of feed and forages using Rock River Laboratory, Inc.’s extensive set of calibrations. Founded on research and supported through a cloud-based system, the calibrations maintain consistency of analyses across the Rock River Laboratory network of labs.

“We are thrilled to be able to extend the reach of the quality agricultural analysis services Rock River Laboratory offers into the Southern regions of the US,” says Stanley Marshall, Rock River Laboratory-Texas owner and manager. “Providing boots on the ground in this region with expertise and knowledge combined with the accurate animal nutrition analysis will help nutritionists, growers, and producers troubleshoot challenges and improve their long-term nutrition plans.

Rock River Laboratory-Texas is currently accepting forage and feedstuff samples for analysis. For more information, navigate to

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