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Dairy innovation begins in the parlor where modern cows produce high quality milk quickly and efficiently. LR Gehm, LLC was recently presented an AE50 award for the innovative milking equipment product TridentPulsationtm. Each year the American Society of Agriculture and Biological Engineers (ASABE) evaluates newly introduced innovative products in agriculture. TridentPulsationtm has been recognized as an industry leader in innovation with the introduction of numerous new technologies that provide a proven benefit in significantly increasing milking speed and milkout efficiency. Data from dairy farms using this product was provided as evidence of superior performance and is available for all to review at

Each TridentPulsationtm pulsator has user selectable rate and ratios and turns on and off with the detacher. An integral monitoring system continuously verifies that the pulsator is functioning properly eliminating the need for a separate monitor and routine testing. TridentPulsationtm holds the liners fully open during attach and detach to ensure a consistent and proper attach with a gentle detach. The pulsator is designed to work with a positive pressure fresh air system to ensure consistent liner action over a wide range of vacuum system levels enabling a unique gentle milking action most similar to that of a calf. In total TridentPulsationtm incorporates six innovations that are either patented or patent pending.

TridentPulsationtm pulsators easily integrate into any parlor to provide faster, more efficient milking. A typical milking time reduction of 20% permits more cows milked per hour with less teat/udder stress thereby reducing labor and improving milking quality and production. Consistent liner attaches save additional time while continuous functional monitoring gives peace of mind that every pulsator is functioning as expected.

LR Gehm, LLC is an innovator in milking equipment with numerous products marketed worldwide. The company focus is on bringing to market patented products that add value to the dairy farm. Each product is a result of working directly with dairy farmers to address aspects of dairy farming that need improvement. The ASABE AE50 award for TridentPulsationtm is a recognition of the value and innovation LR Gehm, LLC brings to the dairy industry.