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The Wisconsin Beef Council is partnering with Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation for the first virtual Burgers & Buns Fun Run this May with proceeds benefiting farmers and food pantries in Wisconsin.

The Burgers & Buns Fun Run is the finale of May Beef Month, a salute to the contributions of beef farmers and ranchers who provide families with wholesome, sustainable protein choices while helping the economy thrive. Between May 24-31, participants can lace up and tear up the pavement anywhere and any way they choose.

“Our beef producers hit the ground running every day as they care for their cattle and the land,” Kaitlyn Riley, director of communications and outreach for the Wisconsin Beef Council said. “With their dedication, it is no surprise that today’s farmers are producing the same amount of beef with 33 percent fewer cattle than 44 years ago. This is one of the many ways that we can show our gratitude while giving back to families across the state.”

All proceeds from the event will go to support the Wisconsin Food and Farm Support Fund organized through Wisconsin Farm Bureau and Rural Mutual Insurance. The program backs farmers and encourages consumption of milk, beef, and other agriculture products to ensure farmers continue to have a place to sell their products and provide Wisconsinites access to nutritious, high-quality foods. The fund reaches all corners of Wisconsin from the most urban areas to the rural farming communities.

Participants are encouraged to register before May 1 and will receive a beefy t-shirt, meat thermometer and tongs for grilling, sunglasses, beef jerky, and more. There will also be opportunities to enter and win free beef throughout the week! More information about the race as well as other ways to celebrate May Beef Month can be found at

The Wisconsin Beef Council is a producer-directed non-profit organization funded by the $1.00 per head assessment on all cattle sold in the state of Wisconsin per the Federal Beef Promotion and Research Act & Order. Half of one dollar remains in Wisconsin for local beef promotion, while the other half is forwarded to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. The purpose of the Council is to fund beef promotion, research and consumer education activities supporting Wisconsin’s $2.1 billion beef industry. The WBC operates under the guidance of its Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of representatives from cattle-related organizations around the state of Wisconsin.

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