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Say goodbye to poorly cleaned and scratched tube feeders. The new Calf HeroTM Tube Feeder snaps into the colostrum bag preventing secondary use and eliminating the need for cleaning.

The design of the Calf HeroTM Tube Feeder is unprecedented. The tube feeder is made of soft plastic with a small feeding tip to offer the gentlest feeding for a newborn calf. The Calf HeroTM Tube Feeder features the largest diameter in the market to deliver a high-flow rate and as a result a faster feeding.

The most sophisticated design of the Calf HeroTM Tube Feeder is its snap-in mechanism. The tube feeder fits inside the neck of any of the Calf HeroTM Colostrum bags and locks in place, making the reuse of both bag and tube feeder impossible.

“We have spent countless hours to perfect our design. The goal was a fast and gentle feeding for the calf at a price that any dairy can afford,” said Andy Beckel, owner of Golden Calf Company. “And I am proud to say we have achieved both!”

“Hygiene is critical to success in a maternity area,” added Beckel. “Today, most dairies spend time washing, sanitizing, and then swabbing to check if the cleaning procedures were done correctly. This process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and often ill-executed. By offering a true single-use tube feeder, we are not only increasing the hygiene, but also eliminating the cleaning time, labor, and expenses. With increasing pressure to reduce water usage on dairies nationwide and the decrease in the available labor pool, the new Calf HeroTM Tube Feeder presents a solution for water reduction, labor efficiency, and a safe and gentle product for animal use.”

While plastic tube feeders have been used for years, they carry the inherent threat of scratching the calf’s esophagus. Reused plastic tube feeders are often scraped by calves’ teeth. Multiple uses of the same tube feeder lead to the damaged esophagus causing a lack of interest in subsequent feedings. The Calf HeroTM Tube Feeder eliminates this risk.

The Calf HeroTM Tube Feeder completes the Calf HeroTM product line, creating a seamless and bacteria-proof way of pasteurizing, storing, and feeding colostrum.

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