June 22 2021 01:18 PM

Small Oregon artisan cheese maker adds to list of growing recognitions

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Rogue Creamery, a small Southern Oregon artisan creamery internationally known for its award-winning handcrafted cheeses, takes home a new recognition during June Dairy Month: the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Dairy Processing and Manufacturing.

The awards program is managed by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, which was established under the leadership of dairy farmers and dairy companies. For 10 years, the organization has recognized award recipients for their commitment to dairy sustainability.

Rogue Creamery, based in Central Point, Ore., has a clear mission: People Dedicated to Sustainability, Service, and the Art and Tradition of Creating the World’s Finest Handmade Cheese.

In October 2019, Rogue Creamery was rewarded for its high standards as the first-ever American cheesemaker to be named Grand Champion at the World Cheese Awards. Owner David Gremmels’ commitment to excellence extends far beyond cheesemaking with business practices that create a culture of doing the right thing. “The food industry is a challenging environment with an ever-changing landscape. It takes passion, energy, awareness of food safety and a high level of professional business skills to understand, create and adapt,” said Cathy Strange, Vice President of Specialty, Product Development and Innovation at Whole Foods Market. “My experiences with Rogue Creamery and their owners and employees is that they are committed to represent themselves, the dairy community and United States artisan cheesemakers at the highest level.”

Rogue Creamery became Oregon’s first certified B Corporation in 2014, inspiring other like-minded businesses to follow suit and pursue this rigorous certification. Since 2017, it has consistently ranked in the top 10% of B Corps worldwide for its impact on people and planet. This recognition affirms Rogue Creamery as a force for good—balancing purpose with profit and considering the broader, community-wide impact of every business decision.

As a leading proponent of renewable energy and waste reduction, Rogue Creamery has installed solar panels, reduced packaging waste, and created an employee commuter program. Through team volunteer days, giving campaigns, sponsorships and food drives, Rogue Creamery advances core goals, which include alleviating hunger, increasing access to education, and building awareness about sustainable agriculture. Its “Cheese is Love” campaign has donated more than 3,500 pounds of cheese for Southern Oregon residents impacted by the devastating wildfires in September 2020.

“To receive an award like this reaffirms our dedication to producing cheese using the most sustainable processes. It keeps inspiring us to push the boundaries of what can be done,” says Rogue Creamery President David Gremmels. “It’s a huge honor to be leaders in sustainable dairy farming in the United States.”

This small creamery’s commitment to quality, sustainability and doing the right thing has substantial, sustainable impacts within its local community and beyond – enlightening partners, neighbors, and customers worldwide.