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Paul Lloyd was named Pacific Northwest Sales Manager for Virtus Nutrition, a California-based feed ingredient company, specializing in fatty acid nutrition for dairy cows. Virtus Nutrition offers EnerG-3, Strata, Prequel, and EnerGII in their line-up of omega fatty acid products.

“We are very excited to welcome Paul Lloyd to the Virtus team,” explains Renee Smith, Western Sales Manager for Virtus Nutrition. “Paul has a tremendous amount of experience in providing value-added sales and support to dairies across the Pacific Northwest. He has been successful in building strong customer relationships and providing producers and nutritionists with solutions for their operation. Paul will be an excellent addition to our team and presence in the Pacific Northwest market.”

Paul Lloyd just recently began his role with Virtus Nutrition in mid-August covering the Pacific Northwest territory of Idaho, Washington, Utah, and Colorado. Lloyd, who has been working in the agricultural and feed sales industry for 14 years, brings a strong educational background with him to Virtus with a B.S. degree from Brigham Young University in Agronomy and Agribusiness, and his MBA degree from Jones International University.

“I am excited to be a part of the Virtus Nutrition team,” shared Lloyd. “I am looking forward to being able to provide dairies in my territory with the essential nutrients needed for their cows to thrive and improve producer’s profitability.”

Previously, Lloyd has worked in the agriculture industry as a National Account Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Senior Business Development. Along with his strong work background, Lloyd is active within the state of Idaho agriculture industry and enjoys being with his family and hunting.

Paul Lloyd may be contacted by email at or by phone at (208) 731-2722.

Company Overview: As the industry leader in fatty acid nutrition for dairy cattle, Virtus Nutrition precisely formulates and manufactures innovative dairy feed ingredients that are proven to drive significant improvements in production efficiency and reproductive performance. Virtus Nutrition collaborates with leading industry researchers to improve the understanding of fatty acids in the diet, develops innovative products, and manufactures them to the tightest specifications to optimize their powerful results. These products include: EnerG-3, Strata, Prequel, and EnerGII. For more information about Virtus Nutrition, please visit the website at and