Oct. 28 2021 04:34 PM

New partnership will offer on-demand feed testing and in-field decision-making capabilities

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Si-Ware Systems Inc., creator of NeoSpectra material analysis solutions built on single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers, today announced a partnership with Dairyland Laboratories, Inc., a leading agricultural feed and forage testing laboratory with customers across the U.S. and in over 20 countries. The partnership will utilize the power of SiWare’s NeoSpectra technology and Dairyland’s feed testing expertise, enabling on-demand results, quicker decisions, and improved feed quality assurance.

The partnership marks an exciting era in agriculture technology and in-field analysis. Dairyland’s feed testing and NIR expertise, paired with NeoSpectra Scanners, will allow users to capture and review feed composition on-demand to empower in-field decision-making and variation control. Customers can accurately analyze moisture in real time, detect trends and changes in quality, and screen quality of incoming ingredients. The in-field solution enables users to analyze more samples in less time, adjust to feed changes quickly, and optimize harvest timing.

Dairyland’s NIR support and data integrations will be made available on Si-Ware’s NeoSpectra LabStore via the Dairyland Feed Analysis app. The NeoSpectra LabStore is a secure place to discover and download test models that are developed by FT-NIR technology experts such as laboratories, researchers, universities, and companies. NeoSpectra portable analyzer users access the LabStore to download the models they need to perform in-field analysis in industries such as agriculture, food, life sciences, and others.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dairyland Laboratories to launch new dairy feed testing models on the NeoSpectra LabStore,” said Youssri Helmy, CEO of Si-Ware Systems. “At Si-Ware, our vision is to deliver on-demand, accurate analysis anywhere by empowering laboratories and experts with the technology to deliver their models to users at the point of need. Our work with Dairyland will help deliver on this vision and will provide instant feed analysis insights for farmers, laboratories, ingredient suppliers, feed mills, dairy consultants, and more.”

The Dairyland and Si-Ware partnership seeks to address the in-field burdens of feed variation while maximizing feed nutrient content and animal productivity for the hundreds of thousands of dairy farms and feed mills globally.

“This is a ground-breaking partnership not only for Dairyland, but also for our customers,” said Kyle Taysom, CEO at Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. “Dairyland is excited to partner closely with Si-Ware to bring this technology to the field. This new agreement extends our testing capabilities to farms and feed mills and enables decision-making that was previously unfeasible.”

The Dairyland partnership, which was announced on the first day of the 2021 World Dairy Expo, is Si-Ware’s first lab partner in the U.S.