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American Parkinson Disease Association Wisconsin & Minnesota Chapters are proud to announce the Active @ Home Program for those with Parkinson’s disease who live in rural areas or on farms. This program provides FREE equipment and support to keep you active at home.

We know that it's hard to make time for exercise, or to know what to do. COVID has only made it harder. If you live in a rural/farm area and have Parkinson's disease, you may be eligible for the Active at Home program for free equipment and support to get more exercise and be more active at home.

How does the Program Work? Once your participation is approved, you’ll receive the Active at Home kit, mailed to your residence. The kit contains exercise equipment (e.g. pedometer, resistance bands, grip strength putty, stretching assist device), an exercise instructional booklet, an exercise journal, and a DVD with PD-specific exercise classes and an instructional video. You’ll receive a call from APDA to introduce you to the program and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll receive a session (via phone or videoconference) with a University of Wisconsin – Madison Occupational Therapy Graduate Student. The session will focus on helping you understand how to effectively and safely use the materials in the kit.

Cost: Participation in this program is FREE. Funding for the program is provided by the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center.

Timeline: Applications will be accepted until the program is full.

Interested in applying?

For Minnesota email or call 651-241-8297

For Wisconsin email or call/text 608-345-7938