Conducting farmer-funded research through National Dairy Council (NDC) is just part of the equation.

Getting the research into the hands of our science-based colleagues around the country and even globally is a critical next step. This is why NDC circles various conferences and meetings on our calendar where we present dairy research and continue establishing relationships with credible third-party organizations.

One of the most important groups is the American Society for Nutrition (ASN), which recently held its annual symposium. ASN is the world’s largest nutrition science organization with about 7,000 members from more than 100 countries representing the academic, government, and private business sectors. Many ASN members embody the next generation of scientists and it’s critical we get to know each other.

NDC’s nutrition research and scientific affairs teams worked together to ensure that the latest dairy science was part of this year’s ASN agenda. Our team led a symposium on the dairy matrix, which is the emerging concept of looking at dairy’s components and its molecular relationships to areas such as cardiovascular health and diabetes. We also presented on dairy’s unique nutrient package to show how it is a key source of iodine and essential to healthy eating patterns.

Beyond the presentations, it’s important to note how our NDC team holds leadership positions within ASN. This year also marked a special moment for our esteemed NDC colleague Dr. Greg Miller, who serves as chief science officer, Global Dairy Platform’s nutrition sector lead, and special counsel to the CEO on global nutrition affairs.

Miller has been synonymous with dairy science and nutrition since joining NDC in 1992. ASN and the ASN Foundation presented Miller with its 2022 Industry Recognition Award, acknowledging significant contributions to nutrition science or practice. Miller also was one of 14 people inducted into the ASN and ASN Foundation Class of 2022 Fellows, the highest honor the organization bestows.

ASN is just one stop for NDC. We’ll also be involved with conferences hosted by other key organizations, such as the Mayo Clinic, Institute of Food Technologists, International Dairy Federation’s World Dairy Summit, Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences, and others.

Research makes it happen

We wouldn’t be able to get through these doors and have opportunities to hold positions with these organizations and earn recognition if it wasn’t for the rigorous, third-party, peer-reviewed research we produce. The research is contemporary, relevant, and continues to address key knowledge gaps about dairy and its role in healthy diets.

In this world of growing complexities and conflicting messages surrounding the food we eat and how it was produced, it is more important than ever to have a seat at the table where we can lead the dairy discussion instead of others doing it for us. The work of the scientific affairs and outreach and nutrition research teams ensures this occurs.

And we have our farmers to thank for making this possible.

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September 8, 2022
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