Oct. 27 2022 09:55 AM

Achieve outstanding performance with new stainless steel, user‑friendly design and automatic cleaning system.

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The newly redesigned SlopeScreen™ separator from GEA Farm Technologies delivers enhanced functionality and performance. Achieve outstanding efficiency with the new stainless steel construction featuring a unique wedge wire screen.

"The new SlopeScreen brings opportunities to our industry as we work towards creating more sustainable waste handling practices,” explains Jeramy Sanford, head of product management and support for GEA manure equipment. “On top of being stainless steel, it’s more user friendly and cleans itself with the new OptiClean™ automatic cleaning system.”

The GEA SlopeScreen has a modular design that can grow based on customer needs. The separation surface can be adapted to different flow rates and animal numbers, and ranges from 32 to 96 square feet (9.75 to 29.26 square meters). It can be configured in a single stage (screen only) or a two-stage separator with the addition of a roller screen and press for more water capture and drier solids.

GEA SlopeScreen separator benefits include:

  • Throughput: The screens can handle flow rates up to 1,000 gallons per minute depending on the configuration.
  • Adaptability: Customers can upgrade their separation screens or add a roller press system if their needs change over time. Right- or left-hand drives can be selected on site.
  • Reliability: Simple design contains no moving parts on the single-stage systems and minimal moving parts on the two-stage system for easy maintenance.
  • Accuracy: A laser level sensor is integrated into the new design to provide the most accurate readings of levels in the hopper.
  • Efficiency: Single-stage screens require no electrical horsepower. The two-stage screens require a 1.5-horsepower motor. Low power consumption helps reduce carbon emissions, an important commitment from GEA and the agricultural industry.
  • Longevity: Grade 304 stainless-steel construction is built to last in highly demanding and corrosive environments.

“Our previous screen separators were known to work trouble-free for over 10 years and this new model is sure to extend those numbers,” says Sanford.

Automate cleaning with GEA OptiCleanTM

Frequent washing is required to maintain peak separator performance. Eliminate the labor needed for daily screen cleaning by automating it with the OptiClean system.

OptiClean uses pressurized water to remove fiber and includes an integrated chemical system to remove minerals and soil. It can be added to new or existing SlopeScreen separators and is programmable for site-specific conditions.

“The powerful combination of the GEA SlopeScreen and OptiClean offers industry-leading performance,” says Sanford. “It also reduces waste and lowers environmental impact – all while using less labor.”

For more information about the GEA SlopeScreen and OptiClean, contact your local GEA manure equipment dealer or visit GEA.com.