Feb. 14 2023 01:43 PM

    Empowering dairy farmers to make data-driven decisions for generations.

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    VAS, the maker of DairyComp, is excited to celebrate 40 years of innovating dairy herd management. Herd management software has transformed how dairy farmers manage their herds, taking them from hand-written 4x6 paper notecards to rapid mobile cowside entry and accessible data.

    “In 1983, VAS set out to redefine how dairy farmers maintain records with the first installation of DairyComp,” says Dale Jefferson, CEO of VAS. “Since then, we’ve worked closely with farmers, consultants and industry experts to empower data-driven management decisions for healthier herds and greater profitability.”

    Generations of dairy farmers worldwide have trusted DairyComp as the program for managing their herds. Today, it is the gold standard, with more than 15 million animals managed through its multi-faceted platform.

    Over the past four decades, VAS has enhanced the program to meet farmers’ needs.

    Evolving with the industry

    “Dairy farming has evolved from making decisions based on hunches to data-driven decisions with DairyComp,” says Steve Eicker, VAS co-founder. “It has helped countless dairy managers and employees make real-time decisions to complete the right tasks at the right time for the right cows.”

    DairyComp also enabled industry partners to get more involved in helping farmers. The program allows farmers to grant access to their data to trusted nutritionists, veterinarians, genetics companies, milk processors, pharmaceutical firms and lenders.

    VAS has been able to integrate even more data into DairyComp through collaboration with over 40 industry-leading companies – including activity and health monitoring, genomic testing, parlor integration and milk recording. DairyComp even allows the transfer of animals from farm to calf ranch and back, or between multi-site farms. Bringing all of a farm’s data together streamlines management and empowers faster decision-making.

    Growing for the future

    As the dairy industry evolves, VAS continues to deliver value by creating new tools and more powerful insights. The latest features of DairyComp include HealthVAL and OneView:

    • HealthVAL shows real-time costs of your herd’s health events to make timely herd management decisions.
    • OneView helps farms managing multiple dairy locations rapidly and accurately analyze inventory, monitor historical trends and create projections.

    Along with new tools, VAS continues to expand its DairyComp product offering to meet the needs of every size farm.

    “For 40 years, we’ve stayed true to our goal of empowering dairy farmers to make the best management decisions with reliable, accurate data at their fingertips,” says Jefferson. “Our goal remains the same as we look to the next 40 years.”

    VAS will kick off the 40th-anniversary celebration of DairyComp this week at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. Join the celebration by visiting their booth, 6616-6617, in the Farm Credit Dairy Center.

    Learn more about DairyComp at VAS.com.