The April 2023 genetic evaluations have been released.

There is a new genomic Holstein leader on the Net Merit (NM$), Cheese Merit (CM$), and Total Performance Index (TPI) lists for the first time in a year. In both NM$ and CM$, Peak Lockstep-ET edged out StGen Cowen Thorson-ET, which had held the top spot on all three lists since April 2022. For TPI, Thorson fell to third and Ladys-Manor Smoke Owen-ET reached number one.

The Jersey breed saw a new genomic Jersey Performance Index (JPI) leader, Taylor Brothers Schooner {5}, and a new proven CM$ headliner, Primus Enzo Chatham {4}-ET.

Much else remained the same. CDF JLS Pilgrim Thrasher retained the top spot among proven bulls for JPI, and Vierra Theboss {6}-ET was the top genomic CM$ bull.

On the Holstein side, Mr T-Spruce Frazz Lionel extended his time on top of the NM$ and CM$ lists to four straight proof runs. Genosource John, Jack, and Captain remained tied at the top of the proven TPI list.

By the numbers

A.I. organizations reported 6,456 bulls active in April, which was 247 more than in December. Of these, 4,374 were genomic young bulls, giving genomic sires a 68% market share. This matches the share they held in the December 2022 evaluations. Holstein sires numbered 5,276 in all, and 869 Jersey bulls were included. Those two breeds made up 95% of all bulls reported and 96.6% of all genomic bulls reported.

You can access the full sire rankings for genomic and proven bulls of all breeds now.