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Holstein Association USA is excited to announce the top Holstein Breed Age Average (BAA%) herds for 2023 classifications. Members who use the Classic or Standard options of the Holstein classification program receive an overall BAA for their herd.

“Breed Age Average values factor in the age of an animal and their stage of lactation at the time of classification, putting cows of all ages on a similar playing field,” says Holstein Association COO Lindsey Worden. “Achieving recognition as a top BAA herd is a significant accomplishment – congratulations to all Registered Holstein breeders who earned a spot on these lists.”

In 2023, 951 herds had a BAA value eligible for inclusion in these lists. The average number of cows included in the BAA calculation for the entire group was 67, and the average BAA% was 108.0. Herds must have a minimum of 10 cows to be included for calculation on the list.

Matthew T. Mitchell of Tennessee and Triple-T-Holsteins in Ohio tied for the top spot on the 2023 highest overall BAA list with a BAA of 115.6. Rounding out the top five spots on the list are Conant Acres, Inc., Maine; Prestige Genetics, Illinois; and G. Alpheus Stoltzfus, Pennsylvania, all with BAAs of 115.0 or higher.

Lists are broken down in several different ways to recognize members across the country with herds of all sizes. Lists of the Overall Top 200 BAA Herds, Top 25 BAA Herds by Region, Top 25 BAA Herds by Herd Size, and Top 15 BAA Herds for Colleges & Universities can be viewed at Find the page under the Popular List section on the homepage or directly at Congratulations to all herds on these lists!

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