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Fionnuala McDermott

TechMix has hired Fionnuala McDermott as Ruminant Technical Sales Specialist for the TechMix International ruminant business unit with special focus on the Irish and United Kingdom markets. Fionnuala is well experienced in all aspects of calf and cow feed management. McDermott has extensive knowledge of the impact mineral supplementation has on colostrum composition and lactation performance. Additionally, Fionnuala is experienced in conducting research, data collection and analysis and utilizing these data to support on-farm performance objectives.

Fionnuala will offer local support for distributors in both markets, along with taking the lead on developing strategic, business, and training plans designed to increase the sales of the full product portfolio. She will also be driving marketing initiatives in collaboration with the TechMix International marketing team through video development leveraging regional social media to further build brand awareness and increase sales. Her analytical background makes her ideally suited for providing continuous market insights and trend information that could influence future research and product developments.

TechMix has robust product line solutions for livestock performance and production. Fionnuala’s extensive experience in the ruminant sector will focus on products that include Fresh Cow YMCP®, YMCP Vitall®, BlueLite® Transition Pellets, and Calf Perk®, along with the full product line developed to improve herd performance.

“Fionnuala is another skilled and knowledgeable addition to our international team who can work seamlessly between data and real-world functionality. She is the perfect fit for managing distribution relationships and accelerating growth to the farm level. Soon, she will complete her doctorate—a designation that will serve a hallmark for her expertise.”, says David Muysson, TechMix International Director.

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