June 2012

6.29.2012 WVMA Reminds Livestock Owners To Take Extra Precautions During Extreme Heat
6.28.2012 Keep calves healthy for a lifetime of performance
6.28.2012 Dr. Julia Hamann Joins Diamond V as Dairy Marketing Manager
6.27.2012 New MilkPEP Board Appointments Announced
6.27.2012 East Central/Select Sires Introduces Summer Interns
6.27.2012 Testimony Discourages Superfund Regulation of Manure
6.27.2012 CWT Assists with 2.6 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
6.27.2012 Select Connect Event Showcases Select Sires Progeny and Programs
6.27.2012 House Committee is Told that Animal Manure Should be Exempt from Superfund Regulations
6.26.2012 Genex Announces New Employees
6.26.2012 2012 Colorado Youth Dairy Extravaganza
6.26.2012 Simple steps to identify and treat metritis
6.26.2012 AVMA approves 5 mil dollar initiative to strengthen economic foundation of vet medicine
6.25.2012 Top Dairy Experts Agree Key to the Future is Making Milk Sustainable
6.25.2012 Danielle Brown Joins Select Sires as Communications Specialist

6.22.2012 UC Davis Student Wins Alltech's International Young Scientist Competition
6.21.2012 America's Favorite Farmers Markets Contest to begin June 22
6.21.2012 66th North Dakota Dairy Princess is Crowned
6.21.2012 Grassland Expands Butter Operation to Double Production and Add New Jobs
6.21.2012 Senate Farm Passes Farm Bill with Crucial Dairy Policy Reforms
6.21.2012 CCFN Welcomes EC's Clarification on Generic Terms and Geographical Indications
6.21.2012 WMMB Directors Review FY2012 Promotion Program Results
6.20.2012 Double S Liquid Feed Services Relaunches Web Site
6.20.2012 Midwest Dairy Association Awards Four Illinois Scholarships
6.20.2012 IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test Added to OIE's registry of tests
6.20.2012 Vermeer Introduces BPX9000 Bale Processor
6.20.2012 ABS Bolton Sons Receive Visit from Classifier
6.20.2012 Select Sires Inc. Introduces Summer Interns
6.20.2012 Vermeer Introduces Updated Cornstalk Special Baler with Inline™ Ramp
6.20.2012 Broadhead Awarded Emerald Ash Borer Public Awareness Campaign
6.20.2012 Forage Genetics International & Syngenta Announce Launch of NEXGROW Alfalfa
6.19.2012 Safeguarding the Seeds of Food Security
6.19.2012 Safety Professionals Urge Workers to Take Precautions During Hot Weather
6.19.2012 NMPF/USDEC Applaud Addition of Canada to Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations
6.19.2012 New Immigration Policy is a Welcome First Step
6.19.2012 Eat Your Way through Dairy Days of Summer with Scrumptious New Recipes
6.19.2012 CWT Assists with 1.7 Million Pounds of Cheese Export Sales
6.19.2012 National Pollinator Week
6.19.2012 Cornell Dairy Executive Program
6.19.2012 The Documents that Lock in $145 Million coming in to Southeast Agriculture
6.19.2012 Generations Nourishing Generations
6.19.2012 Keifer, Demrow join WLIC
6.19.2012 The Only Online Market Place for Feed Ingredients
6.19.2012 Watch Hoof Bath Contamination & Proper Renewal, It Affects the Success of Lameness Prevention
6.19.2012 Bayer Contest Issues Call to Action: Tell Us Your Temprid "Save the Day" Story
6.19.2012 Lallemand Adds Dairy Specialist
6.18.2012 Does genomic selection intensify inbreeding or help control it?

6.15.2012 5 Nutrition Strategies to Beat the Heat
6.15.2012 Feeding America Partners to bring Nutrition Expertise to the Hunger Dilemma
6.14.2012 Reinertsen is Latest Athlete Featured in the REFUEL | got chocolate milk? Campaign
6.14.2012 CWT Assists with 4.8 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
6.14.2012 Dannon & McCarty Family Farms Inaugurate New Operations for Improved Sustainability
6.14.2012 CRI Signs Alliance Agreement with Portuguese National Cattle Improvement Organization
6.14.2012 Four Seek North Dakota Dairy Princess Title
6.14.2012 ABS Global Introduces 2012 Summer Interns
6.13.2012 FFA Agricultural Career Network Connects Students with Employers
6.13.2012 iHigh.com Welcomes Charlie Higdon as National Sales Manager for Agriculture
6.13.2012 Kemin builds encapsulated amino acids facility in North America
6.13.2012 Southern States Wins IT Innovation Award; Ridley Named Runner-Up
6.13.2012 3 tips to beat the summer heat
6.13.2012 Genex Expands DFM and Oral Electrolyte Offering Nationwide
6.12.2012 Sheppard Joins Genex National Accounts Team
6.12.2012 National Mastitis Council expands international reach through social networking
6.12.2012 De Vries to Serve Genex Members in Texas, New Mexico
6.11.2012 GEA Farm Technologies becomes the exclusive distributor of the FutureCow™ Prep System
6.11.2012 Artiles Joins CRV as Reproductive Specialist

6.08.2012 Culinary Event Draws Foodservice Operators, Retailers and Packers to Learn About Beef
6.08.2012 East Central/Select Sires Honors Employees
6.08.2012 NMPF and IDFA Oppose Senate Farm Bill Amendment Legalizing National Sales of Raw Milk
6.08.2012 MilkPEP Launches Latest 'got milk?' Ad
6.08.2012 Milking Vacuum Diagnostics: Easy wet testing, a new video how to use the VaDia
6.08.2012 GenVec Announces Conditional Approval of FMD Vaccine for Cattle
6.07.2012 ABS Global Welcomes Josh Vrieze as Enterprise Account Director
6.07.2012 National Junior Holstein Association: Getting Down to Business
6.07.2012 Reduce Sand Inventory and Improve Cow Comfort Using Sand Dewatering Screens
6.07.2012 Important Update from Pfizer Animal Health
6.07.2012 PAHO/PAHEF Pedro N. Acha Award for Excellence in Veterinary Public Health seeks nominees
6.07.2012 Farmers/Consumers Fight USDA Animal ID–View Ag-Friendly Proposal as Free Commerce Threat
6.07.2012 Senate Farm Bill Passes Key Procedural Vote
6.07.2012 Nelson promoted to Executive Director of Wisconsin Holstein Association
6.07.2012 Sulfur Deficiency, A Developing Issue
6.06.2012 Vets Plus, Inc. Partners with Emerald/Baldwin Dairy
6.06.2012 Oats-Wheat and Aster Leaf Hoppers
6.06.2012 Open house to feature Michigan's first DeLaval milking robots
6.06.2012 SU College of Veterinary Medicine Announces New Screening Test for Milk Residues
6.06.2012 Pre-dip rotary robot with Foaming Agent
6.06.2102 Agricultural safety and health group celebrates 50 years
6.05.2012 CWT Assists with 1.8 Million Pounds of Cheese Export Sales
6.05.2012 McCormick USA Appoints New President and CEO
6.05.2012 Filament Marketing celebrates June Dairy Month
6.04.2012 Dockendorf Dairy Open Barn to feature Lely's Astronaut Robotic Milking System
6.04.2012 DFA Statement: Dairy Industry Support Key in USDA's 150-Year History
6.04.2012 H.J. Baker Releases Impressive Results from Study on Dairy Feed Ingredient: Encapsulated Lysine
6.04.2012 Alan & Ruth Hageman Family Farms Open Barn to feature Lely's Astronaut Robotic Milking System
6.04.2012 Expo Seminars Showcase Latest Research
6.04.2012 Patz Introduces 3600 Series II Triple Screw Vertical Mixer
6.04.2012 MilkPEP Launches New Retail-Focused Website
6.04.2012 Gerald E. Higginbotham appointed as Micronutrients' Ruminants Business Manager, CA
6.04.2012 AgSource Sells Wisconsin Feed & Forage Analysis Business to Dairyland Laboratories
6.04.2012 New Holland: Race With the Winners 2012
6.04.2012 Hasheider joins Filament Marketing as marketing communications intern
6.04.2012 Holstein Foundation Offers Art, Holstein Embryos, to Benefit Dairy Youth Programs

6.01.2012 Killian Joins Golden Calf Company
6.01.2012 New Faces at Tulare's International Agri-Center
6.01.2012 Genex and DeLaval to Cooperate in Marketing Activity Systems

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