May 17 2013 07:16 PM

Webinar Archive - May 13, 2013

"No more lame excuses"
presented by Nigel Cook, D.V.M., University of Wisconsin
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In the May 13, 2013 webinar, "No more lame excuses," Nigel Cook D.V.M., University of Wisconsin, discussed where North America and the rest of the world stands in regard to lameness. He explained what's been done in Wisconsin and other states to improve foot health and locomotion. Cook described a 6-step plan to prevent lameness problems in dairy herds. Cook directed viewers to a valuable resource for those wanting to learn more about foot care and lameness, The webinar was sponsored by Zinpro Performance Minerals.

Read a summary of the webinar in HD Notebook, Lameness undermines the management of a dairy herd.