Nov. 9 2023
Digital dermatitis is an infectious foot disease that is very hard to remove once a dairy herd is infected. It is possible, though, to keep this problem at bay
Oct. 30 2023
Lameness is a global problem, and digital dermatitis is an infectious disease affecting dairy cattle around the world
Oct. 2 2023
There are two goals of hoof trimming, according to veterinarian Gerard Cramer: Treat lameness and prevent lameness.
Sept. 7 2023
NUEVA, 2ª EDICIÓN: Muy ampliada, esta valiosa guía incluye las enfermedades infecciosas y no infecciosas, ahora en dos capítulos. El diagnóstico de cojeras de becerras...
Feb. 17 2023
Maintaining hoof health is a continuous goal on our dairy, and regular trimming helps us achieve this
May 12 2022
“Lameness is a very broad, complicated disorder,” began Jan Shearer during a Cornell University virtual workshop on understanding and mitigating the condition
Feb. 10 2022
Digital dermatitis, commonly known as hairy heel warts, is a hoof disease that can have tremendous consequences for the milking herd
Oct. 28 2021
“It's time for the dairy industry to take action,” emphasized Gerard Cramer, D.V.M., of the University of Minnesota
Oct. 25 2021
No dairy farmer wants lame cows in their barn. No consumer wants to see cows struggling with lameness, either. Both of those concerns are at the center of the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding’s
July 12 2021
Karl Burgi, a hoof care consultant and founder of the Save Cows Network, presented “Three key points for exceptional hoof health.”
Nov. 25 2020
When lameness cases develop in a dairy herd, it can be difficult to get to the root of the problem
May 10 2019
A peculiar set of circumstances has led to the emergence of a new hoof lesion in growing heifers and adult dairy cattle
April 12 2019
Cows avoid lying on wet surfaces, disrupting their time budgets, behavior, and welfare
April 3 2019
Lameness is one of the most expensive diseases a dairy cow can get. But, have you ever thought about the cost of lameness being different for different cows?
March 25 2019
Lameness isn’t a concern among heifers on most dairy farms. In recent years, though, a heifer hoof issue has appeared, and common rearing practices may be to blame.
Oct. 25 2018
Do you know how much lameness is costing your farm? Some of the expenses associated with lameness are obvious, like the cost of treatment
June 18 2018
Supervise hoof health with a ‘No lameness tolerance policy’Presented by Karl Burgi, Dairyland Hoof Care InstituteSponsored by Zinpro Performance Minerals Karl Burgi, Dairyland Hoof Care...
June 18 2018
Well-respected hoof care specialist, Karl Burgi, presented the June webinar, “Supervise hoof health with a ‘No lameness tolerance policy.’”
June 11 2018
Nearly every dairy herd is affected by lameness at some point, and for many, it is a persistent problem. Hoof problems don’t have to be accepted as a fact of dairy cow life, though
Aug. 25 2017
Lameness can be a major health concern on many dairy farms. Not only is this an animal welfare issue, but various reports indicate that each case of lameness can cost $90 to $300