Oct. 25 2018
Do you know how much lameness is costing your farm? Some of the expenses associated with lameness are obvious, like the cost of treatment
June 18 2018
Well-respected hoof care specialist, Karl Burgi, presented the June webinar, “Supervise hoof health with a ‘No lameness tolerance policy.’”
June 18 2018
Supervise hoof health with a ‘No lameness tolerance policy’Presented by Karl Burgi, Dairyland Hoof Care InstituteSponsored by Zinpro Performance Minerals Karl Burgi, Dairyland Hoof Care...
June 11 2018
Nearly every dairy herd is affected by lameness at some point, and for many, it is a persistent problem. Hoof problems don’t have to be accepted as a fact of dairy cow life, though
Aug. 25 2017
Lameness can be a major health concern on many dairy farms. Not only is this an animal welfare issue, but various reports indicate that each case of lameness can cost $90 to $300
Aug. 10 2017
Dairy producers have been battling digital dermatitis (DD), more commonly known as hairy heel warts, for decades. Digital dermatitis was first discovered in Italy in 1974 and has been detected in herds...
May 15 2017
“We can solve global lameness by preventing three hoof lesions,” Nigel Cook explained to those attending the 13th Western Dairy Management Conference held in Reno, Nev
Oct. 17 2016
High somatic cell counts have traditionally been associated with other problems in the herd, from digestive upset to reproductive inefficiencies and mobility problems. Particularly when discussing the
Sept. 21 2016
Few things in life are free. Unfortunately for dairy farmers, even incidences of unwanted disease, like lameness, come with a price. The most obvious costs of lameness are associated with treatment
Sept. 19 2016
Por Jan Shearer, DVM; Sarel van Amstel, DVM; Adrián Gonzales, DVM. SPANISH EDITION | Anatomía del pie del bovino; Recorte de las pezuñas; Causas de cojeras; Cojera en la parte superior...
Sept. 19 2016
Por Jan Shearer, DVM; Sarel van Amstel, DVM; Adrián Gonzales, DVM. SPANISH EDITION | Anatomía del pie del bovino; Recorte de las pezuñas; Causas de cojeras; Cojera en...
July 14 2016
Feeding for hoof health presented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois Brought to you by: Zinpro (www.zinpro.com) "Feeding for hoof health" discusses lameness factors that can have significant financial...
May 30 2016
Lameness scoring is important for gauging mobility and animal welfare on farms, but the buck cannot stop at identifying a problem. "All lameness evaluations do is say we have a problem. We must take it...
May 25 2016
Don't just stand there Cows that stand too much may be telling you something about cow comfort in your barn. Inadequate flooring can cause lameness and discourage cows from eating, thus impacting milk...
April 22 2016
When it comes to controlling lameness, the most effective footbath immerses each hoof more than once. Is lameness an issue in your herd? If so, you are not alone. According to Nigel Cook, D.V.M., from...
Dec. 14 2015
The old saying goes, "the first step to fixing a problem is knowing you have one." I would argue the second step is knowing what and how significant that problem is
Dec. 3 2015
A clean environment, adequate cow comfort and footbath use all bolster your ability to prevent digital dermatitis. Lameness affects everything a cow does. Feed intake, fertility, milk production and, in...
June 15 2015
by Amanda Smith, Associate Editor For cows to thrive, they need to move without impediment. The care, nutrition and environment we provide go a long way toward halting lameness in its tracks. Over an eight-year...