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Sarah (Jackson) Hill, 2007
University of Missouri
Sarah (Jackson) Hill
I graduated with a degree in agricultural journalism, minoring in animal science, from the University of Missouri in December 2008.

I currently work as a public relations associate for MorganMyers (M&M), an integrated marketing communications firm based in Waukesha, Wis. As part of my duties, I coordinate the M&M internship program. My husband, Braeton, is a livestock nutrition consultant for Lakeland Cooperative, and we live outside Prairie Farm, Wis. We are currently saving to purchase a farm. Since my Hoard's experience, I interned with Dairy Farmers of America in their corporate communications department and worked as a 4-H educator for the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service before obtaining my current position.

The Hoard's Dairyman internship has had a long-lasting positive impact on my career - it was a great jump-start. Having that experience on my resume has opened doors for amazing opportunities for me and has affirmed my credibility as a young writer and professional.

I learned many things from the internship experience - how to write for your audience (a skill I use every day in my current position), how to take complex information and simplify it for the audience, and how the dairy industry impacts many other facets of the agriculture industry. Applying for the internship was one of the best career decisions I made.

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