The Dairy Brain project looks to develop an engaged group (the CIN) that will bring together research, education, and extension communities and integrate them with equal representation from the greater dairy community and the general public. This group will address multiple aspects of data-supported problems that could impede progress in the field of data-driven dairy management. It will raise awareness, create guidelines, and facilitate the process of exploring some of the critical issues around technological adoption.
May 10 2020
Data is a key driver for improving operations and sustainability of physical and business systems
April 25 2020
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Dairy Brain’s team is committed to developing data-integrated, data-driven, time-sensitive decision support tools (DST) that disseminate research and help improve...
April 10 2020
Data collection, integration, and analysis are unavoidable factors when it comes to advancing the development of decision support tools in livestock operations
March 25 2020
Data has played an integral role in dairy farmers’ decision-making process for many decades. Much of this started with foundational work from land-grant universities and state extension services
Feb. 10 2020
As more and more data is collected on land use, farm operations, animal health, and food supply chains, many initiatives, including the Dairy Brain project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison