Ever been curious about grazing dairy systems? Have you tried grazing in the past and found that it didn't work? Wondering about what grasses to potentially grow, how to manage pasture quality, how to estimate individual cow dry matter intake, or other grazing specifics?

The University of Missouri and its associated researchers are great resources for anyone currently grazing or thinking about grazing because of its focus in the specific area and development of grazing protocols and educational events. In 1999, they established their Southwest Center farm as a rotational grazing dairy. Since then, Missouri has become a leader in grazing dairies. Several New Zealand dairy farmers have even relocated to the state to farm. In addition, the university began hosting national grazing conferences; the third edition concluded yesterday. According to the University of Missouri, between 2005 and 2008 over $100 million has been invested in the infrastructure of pasture-based dairying in Missouri. Next year, the university will be offering an online course on grazing.

Their website is full of resources to answer questions and provide pointers. If you are currently grazing or if you are thinking about making the switch, visit their website; it is a great place to find information. Look there also for more detailed information on their online course offerings and upcoming dairy grazing conferences.