Breed Association News

Summary of news affecting dairy breeds and association recognitions

A beauty pageant for the smart females (3/25/2016)
Record milk cows have common attributes (2/19/2016)
A six-pack of new millionaires (10/29/2014)
Why do they genomic test? (10/8/2014)
The changing face of dairy youth (7/09/2014)
Internships bring value to Distinguished Junior Members (7/02/2014)
Jersey producers honor unknown fallen soldiers (7/1/2014)
Breed's newest Excellent-95 calls Hoard's Dairyman Farm home (6/26/2014)
There's more to breeding Red and Whites than we thought (3/31/2014)
The August Bull list is now available to download (8/20/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman Farm wins National Guernsey Awards (7/31/2013)
U.S. Junior Holstein members strive for maximum success (7/16/2013)
Junior Holstein members are shining bright (7/10/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman Bull List receives a face-lift (4/12/2013)
2012 was another banner year for Jerseys (2/22/2013)
Holstein Association adjusts classification scorecard (9/04/2012)
Junior Holstein members elect leadership (7/03/2012)
Comment on the Future of U.S. Genetic Evaluations (5/08/2012)
December Hoard's Dairyman Bull List ready to download (12/09/2011)
Where to go for Dairy Sire Summary Information (11/29/2011)
August Hoard's Dairyman Bull List ready to download (8/12/2011)
Moons win McKown Master Breeder Award (8/04/2011)
Red and Polled are gaining popularity! (7/26/2011)
Genomics accurately predicts class rank (7/25/2011)
Holstein USA honors three (6/28/2011)
Brachyspina *BY Carriers Identified (5/17/2011)
Maryland cow is new Jersey lifetime production leader (5/06/2011)
Millionaires in the Cornfields a must read (2/14/2011)
Alicia takes grand for the third time (11/08/2010)
Remarqued Jersey print will sell (10/19/2010)
New genomics test now available (8/23/2011)
Saving the world one slice of cheese at a time (7/27/2010)
Genomics garners much attention at Holstein Convention (7/05/2010)
Ayrshire convention sets the bar (6/19/2010)
World's Best Jersey cheese crowned (6/16/2010)
Elite semen producers hit million unit mark (5/25/2010)
Colorful trend is underway in U.S. dairy herds (5/14/2011)
Genomics rapidly evolving; unanswered questions remain (4/28/2010)
Breed judges named for 2010 World Dairy Expo 3/02/2010)
Holstein has a new milk production record-holder (2/16/2010)
Who are the best genetic sources in Holsteins? (2/01/2010)
Hoard's Dairyman bull list now available (1/18/2010)
It was a dynamite decade for Jerseys (1/05/2010)

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