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Hoard's News

Reporting news from the Guernsey and Jersey herd at Hoard's Dairyman,
as well as activities with our 128-year old publication

Hoard's Dairyman Farm
Hoard's Farm home to nation's top cheese producer (6/30/2014)
Breed's newest Excellent-95 calls Hoard's Dairyman Farm home (6/26/2014)
Hoard's Jerseys see the appraiser (3/3/2014)
Over 100 Guernsey 2-year-olds now classified (1/6/2014)
Hoard's Dairyman Farm wins National Guernsey Awards (7/31/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman Farm hosted United States Embassy guests (7/29/2013)
Four new Excellent Jersey cows at Hoard's Dairyman Farm (7/15/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman Jerseys evaluated by AJCA (7/03/2013)
Forages are key at the Hoard's Dairyman Farm (6/27/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman Farm intern enjoys hands-on learning (5/23/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman Farm replica on display at Dairy Shrine (7/17/2012)
Guernsey wins international calf election (6/06/2012)
Young cows fare well during classification (5/24/2012)
Hoard's Dairyman Farm Jerseys excel in 2011 (2/14/2012)
A pair of tenth-lactation cows are raised to Excellent (12/26/2011)
Young sire daughters fair well at Hoard Farm (10/31/11)
Hoard's International Guernsey Classic Sale Consignments (9/28/11)
Turley daughters matching Challenges at Hoard Farm (4/04/2011)
We're welcoming 150 visitors (3/17/2011)
Hoard Jerseys see the appraiser (3/14/2011)
Hoard cows have high feet and leg scores (12/06/2010)
Should we buy more cows for the Hoard Farm? (11/18/2010)
Hoard Guernsey herd classifies (11/01/2010)
Hoard 2-year olds up nearly one point (08/09/2010)
So simple, but not easy (07/21/2010)
Hoard Farm pregnancy rate improves by leaps and bounds (07/06/2010)
Hoard Jerseys see the appraiser (06/30/2010)
Hoard Guernsey herd has four new excellent cows (06/29/2010)
Making the corn crop wager at the Hoard Farm (04/29/2010)
Challenge daughters lead Hoard Farm 2-year-olds (03/23/2010)
Watch the cows, and use a tape measure (03/04/2010)

Hoard's Dairyman Magazine
Summer internships: A rewarding and educational experience (5/18/2016)
How do all those Cow Judging Contest entries get tabulated? (4/1/2016)
Calling all undergraduate journalists! (9/18/2014)
Hoard's editorial team hit the pavement for a 340-mile photography road trip 6/16/2014
Looking for dairy intelligence? (9/05/2013)
Interns are vital to our editorial team (6/19/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman is just a print magazine, right? (2/27/2013)
It's cow judging contest season (1/14/2013)
The real-world experience of an internship (9/25/2012)
Using the WDE App makes for a fun and organized experience (9/18/2012)
It's not too early to start thinking about next summer (9/10/2012)
Are you ready for World Dairy Expo? (9/06/12)
Brown Swiss and Holstein conclude sale of remarqued Foster Mothers (7/12/2012)
Will the cover tradition be maintained in June 2012? (6/07/2012)
Johnson joins staff as editorial intern (5/14/2012)
Learn when it's live Hoard's Dairyman blog feed (4/05/2012)
Enter the Hoard's Dairyman Cow Judging Contest before Thursday (3/20/2012)
Social media overload (2/15/2012)
Happy Birthday Hoard's Dairyman! (1/23/2012)
Enter Hoard's Dairyman's 2012 Cow Judging Contest (1/03/2012)
A Special Gift for Your Dairy Friends (12/13/2011)
Internships open the doors to future careers (9/27/11)
Hoard's WEST has moved to Idaho (7/08/2011)
Special June 2011 Issue of Hoard's Dairyman (5/23/2011)
If dairy cows could talk (5/10/2011)
Third time is the charm! (3/15/2011)
Cow judging entries due in less than four weeks (2/28/2011)
Join our webinar next Monday (2/10/2011)
Cow Judging Contest - A lesson in communication (2/01/2011)
Touchdown! (1/11/2011)
All-new free webinars - brought to you by Hoard's Dairyman (1/04/2011)
Remarqued Jersey print will sell (10/19/2010)
Hoard's Dairyman Editorial Internship (08/17/2010)
Ayrshire convention sets the bar (6/19/2010)
Foster Mothers Painting revealed! (6/08/2010)
New www.hoards.com launched (6/02/2010)
Behind the canvas (3/17/2010)
An Exciting announcement from Hoard's Dairyman (3/08/2010)
Hoard's Dairyman turns 125 January 23 (1/23/2010)

Target rations for above-average cows (4/15/2016)
Summer's coming! Are you and your cows ready? (3/18/2016)
Vaccinations and good management maximize effectiveness (2/12/2016)
Feed Additives: When, where and how (1/15/2016)
Objectively looking at technology tools (12/16/2015)
Webinar details latest in reproduction technologies (11/11/2015)
Outside factors impact price and quality of forages (10/14/2016)
Little room for gray area with antibiotics (9/14/2015)
Digestible fiber makes more milk (8/12/2015)
Better close-up care pays for itself (7/15/2015)
Raised solo or in groups, calves have the same basic needs (6/10/2015)
No magic bullet to the drop in summer's components (5/13/2015)
Dairy industry earns high marks for food safety (4/22/2015)
Make 2015's corn silage the best ever (4/15/2015)
Cooling dry cows more benefits than you thought (3/11/2015)
Margins matter; manage for the cycles (2/11/2015)
Transition cows are at high risk for health issues (1/14/2015)
Managing winter's weather (12/10/2014)
Why do cows die? (11/14/2014)
Have you signed up for MPP-Dairy (10/15/14)
Is getting cows pregnant getting harder? (9/10/2014)
Adopt genetic strategies now for future benefits (8/13/2014)
Slight alterations to management net more milk (07/16/2014)
Improved starch digestion starts early (06/11/2014)
Step up lactating cow minerals, but do so cautiously (05/14/2014)
Farm size matters, but not to the cows (04/16/2014)
Be prepared for metabolic changes at calving (03/12/2014)
Farm bill 101: The dairy component (02/12/2014)
Feed efficiency: The next dairy frontier (01/16/2014)
Corn silage deserves attention before harvest (12/11/2013)
Is it time for your farm's financial checkup? (11/14/2013)
Move your nutrition program into 2014 (10/16/2013)
The best method to decrease mastitis incidences? Prevention! (9/28/2013)
Is robotic milking a good fit for your dairy? (8/14/2013)
What are my forage options now? (7/24/2013)
Feeding calves milk ad lib boosts immune system and average daily gains (6/12/2013)
Lameness undermines the management of a dairy herd (5/16/2013)
Know your cost of production (04/10/2013)
Some of the best things are free! (02/11/2013)
Today's perspective on grouping strategies (01/14/2013)
Consistent, efficient TMR feeding (12/11/2012)
Reduce shrink to extend forages (11/13/2012)
Hutjens shares strategies to handle feed inventories (10/09/2012)
Cow comfort makes top milk production possible Easy as ABC! (9/11/2012)
Eyes wide open on drought-stressed forage options (8/29/2012)
Reproduction webinar encourages protocol review (8/14/2012)

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