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Showmanship: A dance between animal and leadsman (6/1/2016)
Five reasons to attend a dairy breakfast this June (5/19/2016)
Fueling up with chocolate milk (5/12/2016)
Temple Grandin airs her experience (5/10/2016)
Did Temple Grandin just say that? (4/26/2016)
Celebrate and say thanks (4/25/2016)
The flawed fat philosophy (4/20/2016)
Behind the music (4/13/2016)
Farming offers a competitive edge to scholarship applicants (3/17/2016)
Stepping out of the classroom (3/3/2016)
The Oklahoma State Cowboys are gearing up for a change (2/18/2016)
Trade show attendee tips (2/5/2016)
"Adventures in Real Food" float wins Rose Parade award (1/6/2016)
Cheese is falling from the sky (1/4/2016)
Bad EPA, bad! (12/18/2015)
Nigeria's big milk goal looks impossible (12/11/2015)
Dairy outlook for 2016 is "bah humbug" (12/4/2015)
The world's foremost genetics exporter passes (12/2/2015)
More processing capacity coming to New Mexico (11/13/2015)
The slow demise of grocery stores (11/6/2015)
The end of tail docking is getting closer (10/30/2015)
Arizona dairy worker kills four cows (10/23/2015)
Winners and losers in a California FMMO (10/16/15)
Curing respiratory disease in calves and kids (8/18/2015)
California FMMO hearing starts September 22 (8/7/2015)
Temporary price hike in California (7/27/2015)
Uploaded is an up-and-comer (6/24/2015)
California producer group hires new CEO (6/19/2015)
Play by the rules (5/28/2015)
Farmers celebrate Earth Day every day (4/30/2015)
Keeping legacies alive and strong (4/20/2015)
Build a bridge to your consumers (4/14/2015)
The dawn of a new dairy exports era (4/3/2015)
California drought looks worse than ever (3/27/2015)
Ag Day is today . . . and every day! (3/18/2015)
Students are eating more of their (healthy) lunch (3/17/2015)
Reno wrap-up: did you attend? (3/13/2015)
Tips from genomics gurus (3/6/2015)
Dairy decline in 2014 was smallest ever (2/27/2015)
Robotic rotary parlor debuts at Tulare (2/13/2015)
In California, the drought seems endless (2/06/2015)
Beyond the cattle and cowboy boots (12/2/2014)
More than 50 teams compete at NAILE (11/11/2014)
No child immune to low levels of vitamin D (10/28/2014)
Mondays really aren't meatless (10/21/2014)
My favorite thing at World Dairy Expo (10/10/2014)
Milk prices already falling in Europe (9/26/2014)
Not just for farm kids (9/23/2014)
Coincidence or choreography? (9/19/2014)
Premier National Junior Events showcasing talents (9/17/2014)
Feed price outlook for rest of decade: Low (9/12/2014)
U.S. exports are becoming a monster (9/5/14)
Idaho dairying in another uproar (8/29/14)
Texas cheese plant is growing again (8/22/2014)
Expo buildings right on schedule (8/19/2014)
Is extra margin protection worth it?(8/15/2014)
Shopping for grains is fun again (8/1/2014)
Georgia is committed to youth development (7/24/2014)
Dairy Shrine goes high-tech (7/17/2014)
Jersey producers honor unknown fallen soldiers (7/1/2014)
Plants may be student's only lunch option (6/19/2014)
At last! Dairies were profitable in 2013 (6/6/2014)
How will you participate in June Dairy Month? (6/2/2014)
A scathing indictment about organic food marketing (5/30/2014)
Lies, bribes, racketeering and a $15.75 million penalty (5/23/2014)
Download your way to a healthier future (5/22/2014)
May is Beef Month (5/21/2014)
"Dairy Land" is child's play . . . and adults' too (5/16/2014)
It's official: 2013 was California's driest year ever (5/9/2014)
Happy 100th birthday, Cooperative Extension! (5/6/2014)
Milk has never been so valuable (5/2/2014)
Hay is over $300 in some Western states (4/25/2014)
The Federal Department of Absurd (4/11/2014)
What's next in university research? (3/26/2014)
That's none of their business (3/21/2014)
Grain markets are twitchy (3/14/2014)
What's next in university research? (3/06/2014)
Idaho farm video spying bill goes to governor (2/28/2014)
Water worries low at World Ag Expo (2/14/2014)
What do you think about genomics? (2/7/2014)
Hot buttered sales (1/31/2014)
Milk production dips slightly in Idaho (1/24/2014)
Hilmar Cheese announces new processing plant (1/17/2014)
Rethinking dairy genetics - Eight breeders to share needs in cows (1/15/2014)
Tis the season for giving or taking (advantage) (12/19/2013)
Fonterra dedicates the world's biggest milk powder dryer (12/13/2013)
Students and farmers alike are excited about Fuel Up to Play 60 (12/10/2013)
Midwest dairy judging teams shine at NAILE (11/12/13)
A dairy advertising phenomenon turns 20 (11/8/2013)
Write it down: California will get a federal order (10/25/2013)
Another example of why processors bypass California (10/18/2013)
Food security has a clear solution (10/17/2013)
California will fine rustlers, not hang them (10/11/2013)
Top 50 co-ops marketed 78 percent of nation's milk (10/7/2013)
California raises minimum wage to $10 per hour (9/27/2013)
Political opposition to ethanol ignites in California (9/20/2013)
$3.25 corn? We'll believe it when it happens (9/13/2013)
Dairy farmers are apparently nobodies (9/6/2013)
Why are dairy numbers growing in Washington? (8/30/2013)
Aim high . . . pick a low SCC target (8/23/2013)
World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Products Contest growing every year (8/21/2013)
Dairy farmers, your thoughts are needed (8/16/2013)
Major grain prices hit one-year lows (7/5/2013)
California dairy producers win support in whey struggle (5/3/2013)
Dairy marked two green, carbon-reducing milestones (4/26/2013)
Organic label is an excuse to charge more (4/24/2013)
Sometimes, what is on the outside does count (4/22/2013)
Vodka from milk? Cheers! (4/19/2013)
Feed prices: Time to pull the trigger? (4/15/2013)
How would the Dairy Security Act impact your dairy? (4/9/2013)
California prohibits "use it or lose it" vacation policy(3/29/2013)
New plan unveiled for genomic evaluations (3/28/2013)
Readjusted portfolio gives AMPI Co-op renewed focus (3/27/2013)
New Zealand's woes boost U.S. milk prices (3/22/2013)
2012 was another banner year for dairy exports (3/15/2013)
March 1 federal budget cuts hit dairy, too (3/4/2013)
World Ag Expo was a sunny success (2/15/2013)
Curtain about to rise at World Ag Expo (2/8/2013)
Milk quality superstars honored (2/1/2013)
Dairy product standards are outdated (1/29/2013)
Idaho dairy worker pleads guilty to animal abuse (1/25/2013)
One dairyman is "Face of Farming" (1/22/2013)
The political climate might be ready for immigration reform (1/16/2013)
Vilsack continues to lead in 2013 (1/15/2013)
It's cow judging contest season (1/14/2013)
Golden Guernsey is bankrupt (1/9/2013)
Golden Guernsey plant closed unexpectedly (1/7/2013)
Ten things we learned in 2012 (1/1/2013)
Chobani has taken Idaho by storm (12/21/2012)
They're at it again (12/5/2012)
Who is teaching society about agriculture? (12/4/2012)
Land rents, prices are like a blazing camp fire (12/3/2012)
Dairy Bowl: More than a contest (11/27/2012)
Finding our face (11/21/2012)
Dairy farmers have a new friend in Congress (11/14/2012)
Even a little reproductive performance improvement pays off (11/12/2012)
Don't leave heifer-raising money on the table (11/12/2012)
The effects of resynchronization on fertility and economics (11/9/2012)
Reproduction awards presented at DCRC meeting (11/9/2012)
Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council meeting has started (11/8/2012)
Senate looks the same after historic election (11/7/2012)
Nation's top repro herds share details on nutrition (11/7/2012)
Intermediate Champion Jersey named Grand at NAILE (11/5/2012)
Only seven points separated the three winning teams (11/5/2012)
Three Midwest co-ops could merge by year's end (11/2/2012)
We are in a war with terrorists (10/24/2012)
This isn't your daddy's dairy industry anymore (10/19/2012)
$39 milk in January? (10/12/2012)
Dairy Challenge aims to expand its impact (10/11/2012)
Would a federal order pay higher milk prices? (9/28/2012)
Farm bill shelved until November (9/24/2012)
Legal backlash to a derogatory food nickname (9/21/2012)
Three Irish dairymen pass away in manure storage accident (9/20/2012)
Brown Swiss and Holstein conclude sale of remarqued Foster Mothers (7/12/2012)
"Do real stuff" urges Temple Grandin (7/11/2012)
When is enough labeling enough? (6/13/2012)
The rose petal proposal (06/12/2012)
End of a dairy nutrition era in California (6/08/2012)
Will the cover tradition be maintained in June 2012? (6/07/2012)
YDLI applications now available (6/05/2012)
No HSUS-flavored pizza here (5/16/12)
Johnson joins staff as editorial intern (5/14/2012)
Wooing California dairies while they're vulnerable (5/11/2012)
Consumers dictate stakeholder concerns (5/10/2012)
Now we all know what "atypical" means, right? (5/04/2012)
Idaho and Oregon will slash their SCC limit on July 1 (4/23/2012)
The 11th annual Dairy Challenge comes to a close (4/03/2012)
"Pink slime" leaves industry black and blue (3/29/2012)
Brazil holds big brush in U.S. ethanol picture (3/16/2012)
How much do your friends know about the dairy industry? (3/06/2012)
Sire joins the Millionaire club (2/28/2012)
World trends to watch through 2050 (2/22/2012)
Ag Warrior Program Officially Launched (2/16/2012)
Donors beginning to turn against HSUS (2/24/2012)
Milk's brain benefits (1/31/2012)
World Ag Expo will host registered cattle sale (1/19/2012)
New look to meat nutrient labels (1/18/2012)
Dairy farmer's daughter is 1st Runner-Up in Miss America Contest (1/16/2012)
Carbon footprint dairy researcher returning to England (1/13/2012)
Quadruplets: a 1-in-180 million story (1/11/2012)
A 400,000 SCC milk limit after all (12/16/2011)
Second biggest U.S. dairy cooperative getting new CEO (12/02/2011)
Why cheese sales potential to China is mind-boggling (11/28/2011)
A different skinny on fat (11/25/2011)
Dairy Producers: Make your concern known (11/25/2011)
New dairy fact-filled animated video launched today (11/22/2011)
Helping the Farm Team (11/10/11)
4-year-old named Jersey Grand Champion (11/07/11)
Senior 3-year-olds sweep Intermediate Champion honors (11/07/11)
It was a talking contest (11/07/11)
Waverly entry wins 58th Jersey Jug (11/07/11)
Wisconsin wins North American 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl (11/07/11)
Corn and hay forecasts lowered again (10/21/2011)
Prepare for next October's Farm to School Month (10/17/2011)
Bill introduced to improve food safety (9/15/2011)
Consumers love farmers (8/23/2011)
Help recognize milk quality's shining stars (8/08/2011)
Moons win McKown Master Breeder Award (8/04/2011)
Happy Birthday, Gregor! (7/21/2011)
National Dairy Shrine to award $40,000 in scholarships (7/20/2011)
National Dairy Shrine announces top industry awards (7/11/2011)
Dairy earns special spot on the nation's table (6/09/2011)
Somatic cell legal limit will stay the same (5/05/2011)
New Arizona dairy extension specialist (3/25/2011)
Only 1,805 fewer dairy farms last year (2/22/2011)
A candid look at U.S. farms: Most are a hobby (2/18/2011)
It's time to save extension programing (2/15/2011)
Private donation endows new dairy center at Oregon State University (12/03/2010)
Livestock-based food pack a 4-dimension punch to global hunger (10/12/2010)
Wisconsin honors Hoard (10/11/2010)
Many vets head to Albuquerque (8/26/2010)
Temple Grandin the movie, now on DVD (8/12/2010)
Ready for the farm show: Do you have a "short list" ready (8/11/2010)
The latest in dairy research presented at ADSA (7/14/2010)
Texas vet team is ready to ride to the rescue (6/25/2010)
Win a trip to the AgChat Foundation's Agvocacy 2.0! (6/22/2010)
The abnormal has become normal (6/17/2010)
Study puts best beef belief out to pasture (6/11/2010)
Dairy Shrine announces award winners (6/09/2010)
Stray voltage award Wisconsin's largest for a dairy farm (5/10/2010)
Training our industry's leaders 4/20/2010)
Embryo and semen thief on the loose (4/19/2010)
Cal Poly, Cornell, Ohio, UW-Madison take top honors at Dairy Challenge (4/13/10)
Over $40,000 in scholarships available from National Dairy Shrine (4/12/2010)
National Ag Day Essay Winner! (4/07/2010)
Nominations being accepted for top repro herds (4/05/2010)
We need choice in the food chain (3/15/2010)
Farm Numbers fall just 3.8 percent to 54,952 (2/22/2010)
Make a bowl of popcorn and check out this website (2/19/2010)
Veal Producers adopt ethics standards (2/15/2010)
Dairy farming is not a spectator sport (2/03/2010)
Something too silly to make up (1/29/2010)
ABC's Nightline makes a direct hit at dairy farms (1/27/2010)
In despair, dairyman kills milking herd, then ends his life (1/25/2010)
Expansion begins at Texas cheese plant (1/15/2010)
Rural America prospers (1/12/2010)

Trade Shows/Conferences
Echoes of 09 at World Ag Expo 2012 (2/20/2012)
Fifth BVDV conference around the corner (11/01/11)
Moods are positive at BIG Western Dairy conference (3/10/2011)
Optimism returns to World Ag Expo (2/11/2011)
Top 10 new products at World Ag Expo (2/10/2011)
FFA Flash Mob (2/09/2011)
Mobs of cars, kids, and cow people (2/09/2011)
With a blast, World Ag Expo 2011 opens (2/08/2011)
Dairy financing conference in California (2/04/2011)
A hard change for World Ag Expo's Dairy Center (12/13/2010)
Vote for your favorite new product at World Ag Expo (2/09/2010)
The show is about to begin again at World Ag Expo (1/22/2010)

World Dairy Expo
2014 World Dairy Expo blogs (9/28/2014 - 10/4/2014)
2013 World Dairy Expo blogs (10/02/2013 - 10/7/2013)
2012 World Dairy Expo blogs (10/01/2012 - 10/7/2012)
Using the WDE App makes for a fun and organized experience (9/18/2012)
Are you ready for World Dairy Expo? (9/06/12)
Larson interviewed by World Dairy Diary (11/14/11)
Miss World Dairy Expo? We got you covered! (10/12/2011)
Hoard's at Expo blogs (10/1/2011 - 10/10/2011)
World Dairy Expo: Achievers Crowned (10/05/2010)
A meal fit for a king (10/01/2010)
24-hour cattle check-in begins at World Dairy Expo (9/24/2010)
21 Knights until World Dairy Expo (9/07/2010)
Interactive product search now available (5/03/2010)
World Dairy Expo Announces 2010 Honorees (3/29/2010)

Industry Leader Obituaries:
One hundred years of Holstein cows (1/25/2016)
Among cowman, there was only one Pete Heffering (3/05/2012)
California's Doug Maddox passes away Monday morning (12/19/2011)
Former Hoard's veterinary columnist, Dr. Lee Allenstein, passes away 10/25/2011
Brian Krull-Words of Remembrance (9/01/2010)
Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture dies unexpectedly (7/22/2010)
Last direct Hoard relative to work for the company passes away (7/16/2010)
It finished with a poem (7/15/2010)
Accomplished dairy judging coach, David Dickson, passes away (7/10/2010)
Dairy icon, Jim Cavanaugh passes away (4/06/2010)
Former Holstein head, Robert Rumler, passes away (1/11/2010)
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