International Agriculture

News from outside the borders of the United States.

Feed the gut bugs (2/22/2016)
Nigeria's big milk goal looks impossible (12/11/2015)
The average herd size is three cows (12/10/2015)
Rural employment sees turnaround (12/8/2015)
Dairy outlook for 2016 is "bah humbug" (12/4/2015)
Pouring water down the drain (11/17/2015)
Location, location, location (5/29/15)
The dawn of a new dairy exports era (4/3/2015)
Milk prices already falling in Europe (9/26/2014)
China's dairy demand is a growing beast (8/8/2014)
Shopping for grains is fun again (8/1/2014)
Robotic rotary parlor count is now 11 (7/7/2014)
China craves dairy knowledge (6/12/2014)
Milk has never been so valuable (5/2/2014)
Embryo sales go under the microscope multiple times (4/14/2014)
Food security is a global issue (4/02/2014)
Uganda: Where hand milking and high-tech coexist (3/17/2014)
Grain markets are twitchy (3/14/2014)
A cow numbers disaster for China's dairy industry (12/20/2013)
Fonterra dedicates the world's biggest milk powder dryer (12/13/2013)
Idaho needs to become a huge dairy exporting state (11/22/2013)
Who makes the world's cheapest milk? (11/15/2013)
U.S. dairy exports remain red hot (7/26/2013)
We an export opportunity (7/25/2013)
New Zealand plays U.S. dairying as a chump (6/20/2013)
Creating a niche market for dairy products and education. (4/23/2013)
Vodka from milk? Cheers! (4/19/2013)
A unique dairy competition exists in Australia. (4/17/2013)
New Zealand's woes boost U.S. milk prices (3/22/2013)
2012 was another banner year for dairy exports (3/15/2013)
Dairy farmers have a new friend in Congress (11/14/2012)
Wisconsin's future deserves a look to the past (10/31/2012)
Death is inevitable; estate taxes are not (10/26/2012)
We are in a war with terrorists (10/24/2012)
Three Irish dairymen pass away in manure storage accident (9/20/2012)
Producers vote to allow public shares in the country's largest co-op. (7/05/2012)
Genetic engineering: Who knows where it will go (6/22/2012)
New Zealand's dairy industry is still growing (6/11/2012)
Brazil holds big brush in U.S. ethanol picture (3/16/2012)
Are we ready to feed the world? (3/08/2012)
NMC takes 51 in stride (1/24/2012)
Carbon footprint dairy researcher returning to England (1/13/2012)
Why cheese sales potential to China is mind-boggling (11/28/2011)
Dairy case observations from Japan (11/17/2011)
Indonesia dairy farm rivals those found in California (9/21/11)
Dairy Down Under: Find passion, and you'll never have to work again (8/30/11)
Dairy Down Under: Say Cheese! (8/17/2011)
Dairy Down Under: Working with Wildlife (8/02/2011)
Dairying Down Under: It's a Friesian (7/05/2011)
Dairying Down Under: Tasmania's Dairy Industry 6/21/2011)
Down Under: Learning Books, hard work, & hands-on experience. (5/31/2011)
Dairy Down Under (5/03/2011)

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