Showing and Judging

Focusing on the various aspects of exhibiting and judging dairy cattle.

Judged in seconds (6/21/2016)
Cha-cha and cows have a great deal in common (6/20/2016)
Showmanship: A dance between animal and leadsman (6/1/2016)
FFA Judging: Building on past experience (5/06/2016)
How do all those Cow Judging Contest entries get tabulated? (4/1/2016)
A beauty pageant for the smart females (3/25/2016)
Prepare for the unexpected spectator (2/10/2016)
Keep your cool around animals (12/9/2015)
Minnesota and Ohio State ATI complete trifecta (11/9/2015)
New York wins back-to-back 4-H Quiz Bowls (11/9/2015)
National-winning dairy bowl coach shares insight (10/28/2015)
Who wants to be a judge? (2/4/2015)
More than 50 teams compete at NAILE (11/11/2014)
Premier National Junior Events showcasing talents (9/17/2014)
Expo buildings right on schedule (8/19/2014)
It's fair time (7/11/2014)
Learning Linear: More than choosing great dairy cows (2/24/2014)
Dairy showmanship: Some things do change (01/08/2014)
Only six dairy exhibitors have attended all 50 years! (8/07/2013)
Ten showmanship tips for success (5/14/2013)
It's cow judging contest season (1/14/13)
Intermediate Champion Jersey named Grand at NAILE (11/5/2012)
Only seven points separated the three winning teams (11/5/2012)
New dairy showmanship scorecard, but same great experience (7/31/2012)
4-year-old named Jersey Grand Champion (11/07/11)
Senior 3-year-olds sweep Intermediate Champion honors (11/07/11)
It was a talking contest (11/07/11)
Waverly entry wins 58th Jersey Jug (11/07/11)
Bert Stewart: Always a student (8/22/2011)
Cows, tuxedos, and glitter (8/20/2011)
Old school fitting and showing (7/12/2011)

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