Oct. 12 2012 09:47 AM

Four Guernseys in the Hoard's Dairyman Herd are Class Production Leaders

The Hoard's Dairyman Farm in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, is home to a number of new class leaders in 2012. Dairyman Neon Zest, D-77, made a class-leading record for fat with 1-10 365 D 27,000 4.8% 1,290 F 3.4% 913 P. She is a daughter of Land Haven Luxury Neon and out of a VG-83 Lewis daughter who made 969 F. Her fourth dam was a VG-88 Magic that made over 38,000 M and 1,300 P.

Dairyman Laredo Rosary

Dairyman Laredo Rosary, VG-82, has completed a class leading record for milk with 1-09 365 D 30,280 3.8% 1,155 F 3.0% 909 P. She is a daughter of Oak Knob Maxie Laredo and out of a VG-85 Banger than made over 1,000 F. The next dam is the well-known brood cow Dairyman Sharp Rowena EX-92, whose top record exceeds 24,000 M, 150 F and 830 P.

The highest producing yearlings continue with Dairyman Casanova Nutty, D-71, completing a class-leading record for milk with 1-11 305 D 26,450 4.1% 1,085 F 3.0% 798 P. She is a daughter of Idle Gold Neer Casanova-ET and is out of an EX-90 Four Winds Deeman-ET daughter than made over 29,000 M, 1,300 F and 1,000 P. She has a July 2011 Natural daughter in the herd.

Dairyman Iceman Rosebowl

Dairyman Icebowl Rosebowl, EX-90, has completed a class-leading record for protein with 4-03 305 D 29,010 M 4.6% 1,339 F 3.6% 1,051 P. She is a daughter of Dairyman Banger Iceman. Her dam, by Hudson, made over 27,000 M, 1,300 F and 1,000 P. The VG-84 Valiant granddam made over 100,000 M and twice was over 1,100 F. The next dam, a VG-80 Goliath Rueben, made 173,000 M lifetime. The next dam, a VG-87 Forestar with 1,200 F, was a sister to EX-92 Sharp Rowena. Rosebowl has an April 2011 Mr. America daughter.

Content originally appeared in the September 2012 Guernsey Breeders' Journal.