March 2 2018
Holstein USA’s Holstein America series showcases the passion dairy farmers have for their Holstein cattle
Feb. 25 2018
An “honest athlete” is how Scott and Pam Pralle described their prized registered Holstein cow, Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918. As a 5-year-old, 3918 broke the national record for milk
Jan. 26 2018
Herds from coast to coast will be interviewed to talk about their dairy operations and the passion they have for the industry. The RFD-TV segment will last one hour
July 10 2017
“We don’t want to drive people away from the breed because Holstein cows are too tall,” stated Paul Buhr to those attending the 132nd annual meeting of the Holstein Association USA
June 23 2017
With 167 producing completed cow records, the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm earned the 2016 Commercial Herd Award from the American Guernsey Association (AGA). The herd averaged 22,138 pounds of milk
June 23 2017
With 167 producing completed cow records, the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm earned the 2016 Commercial Herd Award from the American Guernsey Association (AGA). The herd averaged 22,138 pounds of milk 4.7...
Feb. 1 2017
Every sale I attend is unique. Some include Jerseys, some may be selling Holsteins, some sales have music, and sometimes there are carnival rides. Yes, carnival rides were a part of the festivities
Feb. 19 2016
Type and production are partners in extreme production. Last month it was announced that Bur-Wall Buckeye Gigi produced 74,650 pounds of milk. That equates to 8,680 gallons of milk and set the single lactation...
Jan. 25 2016
The Holstein breed would look different without the influence of Roy Ormiston. As dairy producers, we can all appreciate the power of a single generation or a single cow to alter the course of genetic...
Nov. 9 2015
It had never happened before in the 129-year history of the Dutch Belted Cattle Association (DBCA) – and perhaps no one ever imagined it would: At last month's classification of Heritage Pride Farms...
July 15 2015
Determining the breed composition of the U.S. dairy herd is somewhat of an inexact science because not all herds are enrolled in an official testing plan. Even among cows enrolled in a testing plan, the...
April 13 2015
The latest Hoard's Dairyman Bull List is a sure sign that breeders and dairy producers across the U.S. have bought into the science of genomics. As you may recall, we can learn 60 to 70 percent of the...
Aug. 25 2014
Paris, a 16-year-old Brown Swiss, has set a new record for lifetime pounds of protein and fat produced by a cow in the United States. There is a lot of black and white at Henry Dairy Farms, but a quick...
July 1 2014
The 2014 meetings of the American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey Inc., took place in Alexandria, Va., just miles away from the nation's capitol
April 14 2014
Life does truly go full circle. Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to be on the speaking docket with Scott Armbrust, D.V.M., at the Livestock Genetics Export Seminar in Madison, Wis
April 7 2014
Before there were digital cameras and Photoshop software, print film and negatives dominated the world of cattle photography. That left less margin for error when taking cows photos. In addition to being...
March 31 2014
Sooner or later, every dairy cow leaves her herd for some reason. But how long she stays seems to depend a lot on what breed she is. In the 2012 National Dairy Herd Information Association data compiled...
March 31 2014
Most of us grew up being taught that there was one gene and two alleles involved in the coat color of our Holsteins . . . with the black allele being dominant over the recessive red allele
March 31 2014
Bob Miller and Frank Regan are among the most respected people among dairy cattle breeders. Both purchased franchise cows early in their careers, transformed the Holstein breed and became household names...
Nov. 15 2013
The needs of commercial dairy producers, milk utilization and consumer preferences play major roles in the color of our national herd. by Calvin Covington The author is a retired breed association executive...