Oct. 2 2023
When it came down to the end of the Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest on Sunday night, there was little suspense as to who the overall champion would be
Oct. 10 2022
High Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Teams at World Dairy Expo
Oct. 10 2022
Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest High Individuals from past World Dairy Expo contests
Oct. 3 2022
World Dairy Expo 2022 kicked off with youth contests on Sunday, October 2, including the three divisions of dairy cattle evaluation
Sept. 30 2022
For many young dairy cattle enthusiasts, the opportunity to participate in a national judging contest at World Dairy Expo is a top goal of their judging career
Sept. 28 2021
When the final points were tallied, the students from Kaskaskia College earned 78 points more than the next best team, netting them first place honors in the International Post-Secondary Judging Contest...
Oct. 1 2019
“Three-peat,” the SUNY-Cobleskill team members shouted as they headed to the front of the room to receive their first-place team awards
Oct. 3 2018
Four young ladies with matching dresses and suit jackets commanded the day at the International Post-Secondary Judging Contest on Monday, October 1
Oct. 1 2018
More than 100 contestants from across the United States and Canada will fill the World Dairy Expo showring to evaluate twelve classes of dairy cattle as part of the postsecondary and intercollegiate dairy...
Sept. 30 2018
The National Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest began in 1989 and has been held continuously at World Dairy Expo ever since
Sept. 30 2018
Over 200 judging team members and coaches arrived at the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. to judge a class of Guernsey four-year old cows
Oct. 2 2017
Judging team members and their coaches arrived at the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm on Sunday to judge three classes of cows: two Guernsey classes (milking yearlings and 3-year-olds) and a Jersey 2-yr olds
Sept. 21 2017
Larry Schirm brings a lifetime of expertise to the ring as he helps keep the World Dairy Expo placings and cuts consistent from Class 1 to Class 12
Sept. 21 2017
The 4-H, post-secondary, and collegiate contests joined forces in 2016 to offer a more efficient contest to students from all across the country
Oct. 4 2016
Rachel Ekkel Leading the field in three breeds and placing second in a fourth breed was enough to wrap up the post-secondary judging contest for Rachel Ekkel, a student at Michigan State Ag Tech
Oct. 2 2016
The Hoard’s Dairyman Farm hosted nearly 300 4-H, 2-year college, and 4-year university dairy judges and their coaches this morning for one final practice before tomorrow’s dairy judging con
Sept. 29 2015
Ohio team returned for redemption to take the highest honors in the contest. Last year, the Ohio 4-H team ended the season with a close miss, getting second in the National 4-H Judging Contest. This year,...
Sept. 27 2015
National judging winners share their good-fortune stories. For those competing at the highest level, dairy judging is serious business. Hours and years of practice and preparation go into the one contest...
Sept. 30 2014
Morrisville State College emerged as the handy winner by Abby Bauer, Hoard's Dairyman Associate Editor A pair of schools from the state of New York judged their way to the top of the 26th annual International...
Oct. 1 2013
The team from Kaskaskia College in Illinois topped the International Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo. Team members Jessica Telgmann, Brett Woker, Dylan Reed and Morgan Wendling...