Aug. 1 2019
Managing growth is of fundamental importance to the heifer enterprise of a dairy farm. We know a heifer needs to meet certain growth goals by certain points in its life to meet a farm’s production...
July 12 2019
In the past, it was generally recommended that dairy farms raising their own replacements on an ongoing basis needed enough heifers to equal 90 to 110 percent of their total cow numbers
June 17 2019
The breeding age heifer contributes greatly to the future success of a dairy. She can also be the source of lost opportunities. Joe Dalton, University of Idaho, addressed the importance of getting young...
June 14 2019
Synchronization strategies for heifers. Heifers do not provide a return on investment until after entering the milking string
May 10 2019
A peculiar set of circumstances has led to the emergence of a new hoof lesion in growing heifers and adult dairy cattle
Oct. 1 2018
There’s a feeding strategy that allows you to put less feed in front of heifers, improve their feed efficiency, reduce nutrient excretion, and save you money
Feb. 12 2018
Replacement heifer prices have dropped $310 each over the past two years
Nov. 6 2017
Dairy replacement prices fell 24 percent, or $510 in the last four years
Aug. 18 2017
The August webinar focused on dry matter intake in four management groups: lactating cows, dry cows, growing heifers, and preweaned calves
July 14 2017
Opportunities and challenges in dairy replacement heifer raising by Michael Overton, D.V.M. Heifers are the future for dairies
July 14 2017
To be successful, or profitable, raising heifers to first calving includes three areas of consideration – nutrition, health, and reproduction
March 27 2017
Between research data and personal on-farm experience, most dairymen would agree that overstocked pens have an undesirable affect on cow health and performance
Oct. 19 2016
When dairies find themselves with limited space, one option is to locate a new home for calves or heifers. For some farms, this means a rented facility down the road
Nov. 18 2015
Introducing heifers to the milking barn or parlor before calving may be the ticket to reducing stress. When a dairy heifer has its first calf, its world changes dramatically. A first-lactation heifer is...
Nov. 9 2015
Dairymen invest in heifers today in hopes that they become productive members of the herd in the future. Rearing costs vary from farm to farm, and the only way to truly measure that investment is to crunch...
Oct. 10 2015
Maximize heifers' udder health. Bred heifers represent the future of the milking herd in all dairy operations, and it is critical that udder health be maximized to ensure that these young animals freshen...
Sept. 14 2015
Like babies, calves demand a considerable amount of time, energy and individualized attention
May 7 2015
Compared to their component-fed counterparts, it took TMR-fed heifers a bit longer to catch up
Feb. 9 2015
Soon-to-calve dairy replacement prices were $10 shy of an even $2,000 per head in USDA's latest Agricultural Prices published this January. The $1,990 price was a quoted average for the nation's leading...
Jan. 16 2015
Mastitis threatens your young ladies – and your bottom line – long before they reach the milking parlor. Heifer mastitis is real, it is costly, and dairy scientists say it is more common than...