March 20 2020
As I write this article, the death toll and global panic associated with coronavirus are both steadily rising. The latest human outbreak is being caused by a strain called Wuhan coronavirus
March 10 2020
THe COLLECTIVE dairy world should be shouting acclamations from the mountaintops. We’ve made enormous strides in production per cow and that’s helped us double down on our efforts to reduce
March 9 2020
Trends in consumer reporting have shown that people are drinking less fluid milk each year
Feb. 14 2020
Who’s buying your milk? We identify who is consuming dairy, and what their future buying habits and food desires will be, to develop products that utilize more of your milk and meet consumers’...
Feb. 10 2020
There were two announcements made recently from companies about the environment, both of which had a different impact on the dairy community. One announcement came from Starbucks’ corporate office
Oct. 17 2019
In mid-july, as families across the country endured a heat wave by cooling off while eating their favorite ice cream, a new choice hit the market . . . available only online for a staggering $20 a pint
Oct. 8 2019
It's perhaps the greatest travesty we heard this year — a young child was whisked to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on a doctor’s referral because the toddler was in the lowest one...
Aug. 1 2019
Certainly, everyone close to the dairy industry has recently become aware of the latest release of undercover videos obtained by ARM (Animal Recovery Mission)
May 24 2019
Host any type of social event, and the combination of food and fellowship typically brings people together, whether it be in the kitchen, around the table, or at a picnic
March 25 2019
Food fads both favor and concern dairy
March 18 2019
A plan to create the nation’s largest research dairy advanced earlier this month with the Idaho State Board of Education’s vote to allow the University of Idaho to buy land for the $45 million...
Feb. 10 2019
It’s powerful when the U.S. dairy industry comes together to discuss how we can work together to lead dairy forward,” shared Michael Dykes, CEO and president of the International Dairy Foods...
Aug. 24 2018
While Nestle and Fonterra both have joined the A1-free milk protein movement, skeptics remain. To that, The a2 Milk Company welcomes additional research
Aug. 22 2018
According to the Tulare County Farm Bureau, Tulare County is the third biggest farming county in America.In 2016, its total gross agricultural production value was a staggering $6.3 billion
Aug. 13 2018
Many of our customers (consumers) focus nearly exclusively on price. How much is the bag of cheese? They assume the quality of the product is reasonable
Aug. 10 2018
Founded in Australia 18 years ago, The a2 Milk Company established a U.S. market presence in 2015
July 15 2018
Our world is all about balance. Just enough of this, not too much of that. Keeping this balance is important for maintaining sustainability of systems, whether we’re talking about the environment...
July 2 2018
I’m sometimes asked by dairy farmers why they no longer see the checkoff’s advertising on television like they used to
July 2 2018
To say that most consumers know little about dairy farming might be generous — and rounding their average knowledge level down to zero might not be totally unfair