Dec. 24 2020
With social media being both more impactful and controversial than ever, dairy producers collectively share even more responsibility for keeping up their social license
Nov. 2 2020
Cheese absorbs more milk than any other dairy product. Overall, it sure seems like cheese demand is pretty good despite concerns that the pandemic-induced decline in food service sales was going to be...
Sept. 30 2020
The vast majority of our country’s population is several generations removed from farming. Most people are unfamiliar with modern production practices, yet dependent on agriculture and the food supply
Sept. 24 2020
In 2019, per capita consumption of dairy products reached 653 pounds per person in America, achieving levels not seen since the 1960s when Lyndon Johnson was in office
Sept. 3 2020
The pandemic recession is a cloud that will remain hanging over our entire country for the foreseeable future
Aug. 21 2020
The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) completed its final report on July 15 and sent it to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar
Aug. 3 2020
Many value-added processes happen to farm commodities before they reach the ultimate consumer
July 20 2020
One of the most interesting things I have observed during this pandemic is how so many consumers returned to the basics
July 20 2020
While the coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought wide swings in dairy markets, it has brought an even wider list of questions about the future
July 16 2020
Many dairy farmers were justifiably frustrated during the initial height of the pandemic this spring as their milk struggled to get to consumers
June 18 2020
Why do we make milk? “We should be enjoying the best health in history, and some are, but most are not,” said J. Bruce German, a professor at the University of California-Davis
June 12 2020
Milk: What can lactation teach us about diet and healthpresented by: Bruce German from the University of California-Davis German is a professor and the director of the Foods for Healt
May 21 2020
Fluid milk. Cereal. Frozen pizza. Those three food categories experienced game-changing positive sales shifts due to the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus
May 7 2020
We always appreciate a good critique and follow-up questions from our readers. This particular query contained both when it arrived in our office from an Ohio dairyman
April 23 2020
During normal economic conditions, dairy product use is generally split half and half between food service establishments (such as schools, restaurants, and concessions at conferences and events) and retail...
April 23 2020
As we take to the fields, we have an incredible opportunity to share our sustainability story through social media, such as Facebook, since sustainability plays a significant role in how consumers shop...
April 23 2020
In just one month, a trip to the grocery store has changed dramatically due to COVID-19. Many people are shopping less frequently, buying in bulk, and ordering online for pickup or delivery when possible
March 30 2020
Even before there was a pandemic to worry about, the next generation of farmers and the next generation of consumers had similar concerns on their minds — ones about the future of our food systems
March 20 2020
As I write this article, the death toll and global panic associated with coronavirus are both steadily rising. The latest human outbreak is being caused by a strain called Wuhan coronavirus