June 27 2022
Every crunchy, melty cheese curd that crosses a Culver’s counter came from somewhere specific – and special
June 13 2022
As consumer prices continue to rise for everything from gas to grocery items such as meat and dairy products, the question of how long shoppers will be able to maintain their normal purchasing habits
May 9 2022
Every generation has some tool or technology that didn’t exist for their parents but they can’t live without
May 5 2022
In the past 12 months, the Consumer Price Index has shown an 8.5% price jump in all retail items. For food specifically, that number is higher at 8.8%
April 28 2022
Consumer expectations and farmer responses to whether cows should have pasture access may vary, and in between there is a lot to think about
April 14 2022
It’s not just business expenses rising for dairy farmers across the country — higher prices are impacting every aspect of human life, from the gas pump to the grocery store
Sept. 23 2021
Where do consumers buy food, home or away?Do food purchases vary by region?How much do consumers spend on dairy?
July 26 2021
At the onset of the pandemic last year, fluid milk was flying off store shelves. It turns out the uptick in sales was an aberration
June 28 2021
It would be easy to blame the recent price weakness on very strong milk supply. U.S. milk production in May was up 4.6% from last year
June 3 2021
If you take all of the livestock industry in Colorado from the farm to the consumer, we are about a $40 billion industry
April 1 2021
If you’re involved with agriculture and have ever been on social media around the holidays, you may have seen one of those graphics that compare the consumer’s cost
April 1 2021
Geographical indicators (GIs) have held an increasingly important role at the trade talk table over the course of the last decade
March 31 2021
TikTok has become a unique platform to teach consumers about dairy farming in a fun way
March 29 2021
Relatively steady grocery store prices keep consumers coming back {link to Milk drives consumers to the store} for milk and other dairy products
March 29 2021
On Monday, March 22, the USDA held a 12-hour listening session to hear feedback from the public about the Farmers to Families Food Box Program
March 25 2021
Grocery store customers rarely see the fluctuations in prices for their milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products that dairy farmers experience in their payment prices
March 22 2021
With a heightened focus on health and wellness, establishing healthy eating patterns is more important than ever. Good health begins during pregnancy, and research is emphasizing the role nutrition plays
March 18 2021
Plant-based dairy imitators may seem like they’re everywhere, but in reality, their market impact is small compared to the sales giant that is real dairy
Jan. 18 2021
The American Dairy Science Association published a study that confirms households purchasing food for children behave differently than all other American households