Aug. 24 2018
While Nestle and Fonterra both have joined the A1-free milk protein movement, skeptics remain. To that, The a2 Milk Company welcomes additional research
Aug. 22 2018
According to the Tulare County Farm Bureau, Tulare County is the third biggest farming county in America.In 2016, its total gross agricultural production value was a staggering $6.3 billion
Aug. 13 2018
Many of our customers (consumers) focus nearly exclusively on price. How much is the bag of cheese? They assume the quality of the product is reasonable
Aug. 10 2018
Founded in Australia 18 years ago, The a2 Milk Company established a U.S. market presence in 2015
July 15 2018
Our world is all about balance. Just enough of this, not too much of that. Keeping this balance is important for maintaining sustainability of systems, whether we’re talking about the environment...
July 2 2018
To say that most consumers know little about dairy farming might be generous — and rounding their average knowledge level down to zero might not be totally unfair
July 2 2018
I’m sometimes asked by dairy farmers why they no longer see the checkoff’s advertising on television like they used to
June 15 2018
Organic milk sales have cooled as the very shoppers who drove demand for the specialty product not long ago move on to newer alternatives, leaving dairy sellers and producers grappling with oversupply
May 28 2018
“Consumers are at the helm of redefining food culture today,” stated Shelley Balanko, who is senior vice president of The Hartman Group
May 7 2018
The pericardium from a cow is now used to repair human heart valves
April 16 2018
We’ve all heard it before: farmers need to tell their story. But why are the stories behind food so important?
April 10 2018
While local school boards, Parent Teacher Associations, and most recently the Trump administration weigh in on food served in schools, the dialogue around flavored milk is more multifaceted than in years...
April 3 2018
At a recent meeting, I got into a great discussion with some industry members, both producers and supporters, about gene editing
Feb. 26 2018
McDonald’s recently generated headlines for the announcement that it is removing chocolate milk and cheeseburgers from its Happy Meal menu boards in the U.S
Feb. 19 2018
Nina Teicholz presented the Hoard's Dairyman webinar, "Animal fats: separating fact from fiction."
Feb. 16 2018
“Animal fats: separating fact from fiction"presented by Nina Teicholz, New York Times best-selling author of The Big Fat Surprise
Feb. 10 2018
The genomic era not only has revealed a great deal about an animal’s genetic makeup from a DNA sample at birth, this in-depth study of the genome has allowed us to accelerate genetic progress. Aside
Jan. 22 2018
While GMO (genetically modified organism) feeds continue to garner attention from some food retailers and consumers, there are a number of other common dairy farm practices that have gained some attention
Dec. 11 2017
Those who are anti-animal agriculture would like us to believe a planet without livestock production would be a better place in terms of greenhouse gas emissions
Nov. 6 2017
Science has unearthed another strike against dairy beverage alternatives