Nov. 14 2023
In my life’s journey, I put people into two different categories: drains and radiators
Oct. 19 2021
Cows are herd animals and often don’t like to be separated by themselves, but at the same time, crowded cattle can’t reach their full potential
Oct. 29 2020
The compost-bedded pack barn is a housing system that may reduce building costs, allow mid- and long-term manure storage, and ensure cow comfort when properly managed
Dec. 16 2019
Over the course of the last few decades, huge strides have been made in the realm of udder health, and specifically, in managing somatic cell counts and contagious mastitis pathogens
Feb. 11 2019
Kinnard Farms in Casco, Wis., could be considered an early adopter when it comes to bedding with sand
Aug. 31 2015
The sphincter muscle and teat canal keratin are the cow's first line of defense against bacteria. If a clean and dry environment is not maintained, teat ends are then exposed to and overloaded with potential...
March 26 2015
A breeding ground for bacteria, bedding is a significant source of mastitis pathogens in a confinement system. The climatic conditions encountered in many regions of the country necessitate cattle housing....
July 31 2014
Comfortable cows or easily maintained manure systems. It seems like many dairy producers feel they must choose between one or the other. Sand has a strong reputation for enhancing cow comfort and lowering...
Dec. 24 2013
Make sure your bedding is doing its job by evaluating cow cleanliness and comfort. Cost and ease of handling are often the first considerations when it comes to bedding for dairy cattle. Ideally, bedding...
April 28 2010
Compost barns helping udder health and cow comfort. Compost, when managed correctly, can serve as a great tool to improve milk quality. There are many ways to successfully utilize and manage a compost...
April 25 2010
Are solids a solid bedding? Dried manure solids can make cents, and here's research that says it makes sense from a cow health perspective