Aug. 27 2018
As corn silage harvest season moves north across the United States, along with it comes an important reminder: farmers only have one chance to put up this staple crop
July 20 2018
As farmers get their choppers, trucks, and tractors ready to chop and store corn silage, there is one other thing they should plan out ahead of time this chopping season – testing your kernel processor
July 2 2018
SilageSnap, a new app available this July for your mobile device, can provide dairy producers and custom operators an accurate method for checking the kernel processor roller settings during harvest
Aug. 24 2017
We started chopping our corn silage July 20 this year and finished chopping August 18. It has definitely been one of the longest silage seasons I have ever encountered. We planted a good bit more corn
Aug. 7 2017
As the corn silage harvest nears, some dairy farmers will be negotiating with corn growers on the price for corn silage or high-moisture corn
July 11 2012
Hoard's Dairyman Webinar Archives July 9, 2012: "New corn silage utilization for dairy rations" presented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois Brought to you by Biotal Forage Inoculants. Learn more...