May 16 2024
Making high-quality forages requires a long list of decisions to get it from the seed to the feedbunk
Oct. 5 2023
Corn silage has long been known as the cornerstone of the dairy ration, providing a valuable fibrous energy that is difficult to replace in the diet. Over the years, land grant institutes have invested...
Sept. 21 2023
With corn silage harvest underway or starting soon, in many areas the main focus is on optimizing the yield and nutritional value of this important feed ingredient, and rightly so. Trusting that plans...
Sept. 14 2023
Whether it’s the order of crops and fields to harvest or simply getting machinery where it’s needed and loads timed out correctly, harvest is essentially a thoughtfully planned symphony in...
Sept. 7 2023
Historically, corn silage contracts have been based on a standard corn grain equivalent. This year, however, has atypical values of corn silage in fields compared to years past
Sept. 4 2023
“This harvest for silage is going to be different, but let’s embrace the opportunity at hand and manage what we can,” said John Goeser during the August Hoard’s Dairyman webinar....
Aug. 11 2023
It is Corn Silage Harvest 2023 here at Hillcrest Farms. This year we have been blessed with rain and a good corn crop
Aug. 29 2022
It might not seem like it in the midst of long days of chopping corn, filling bunkers and bags, and keeping the rest of the dairy running at the same time, but corn silage harvest season will wrap up
Aug. 25 2022
Farming is filled with factors that are out of our control, and one of the main ones is the weather
Aug. 22 2022
Fermentation is a crucial step in turning fresh chopped silage into a more nutritious, more digestible feedstuff for our dairy cows
Aug. 18 2022
Corn harvest for silage is underway for Southern growers and about to kick into high gear for many Northern dairy forage growers and farmers
Aug. 15 2022
It will come to no one’s surprise that corn silage production is a costly endeavor. For a point of reference, a dairy milking around 500 cows will have invested about $250,000 in corn silage
Aug. 10 2022
Forages are the foundation of a strong dairy feeding program, and if utilized correctly, alternative forages can provide flexibility and high-quality feed
Aug. 4 2022
Corn silage harvest means all hands are on deck to make the best feed we can for our cows
June 14 2022
Corn Silage: From Seed to Feed is the latest offering from the Hoard’s Dairyman bookstore
May 10 2022
Farmers make many critical decisions prior to, during, and after harvesting forages. These decisions directly impact how well forage will ferment and be preserved for future feedout
Feb. 14 2022
About 50 years ago, a Cornell University dairy nutritionist made the statement, “The best corn grain hybrid is the best silage hybrid.”
Dec. 23 2021
As we approach the holiday season, my children are filling out their Christmas lists and looking forward to ripping open presents from Santa to uncover new toys, clothes, books, and more
Dec. 23 2021
Corn silage is a central part of rations on dairy farms and running out of the staple ingredient is a scary thought. It’s also a valuable asset that, though digestibility improves with fermentation
Dec. 16 2021
While rising milk component levels have many contributing factors, it appears this year’s corn silage will likely help producers further optimize fat and protein in milk