June 14 2022
Corn Silage: From Seed to Feed is the latest offering from the Hoard’s Dairyman bookstore
May 10 2022
Farmers make many critical decisions prior to, during, and after harvesting forages. These decisions directly impact how well forage will ferment and be preserved for future feedout
Feb. 14 2022
About 50 years ago, a Cornell University dairy nutritionist made the statement, “The best corn grain hybrid is the best silage hybrid.”
Dec. 23 2021
Corn silage is a central part of rations on dairy farms and running out of the staple ingredient is a scary thought. It’s also a valuable asset that, though digestibility improves with fermentation
Dec. 23 2021
As we approach the holiday season, my children are filling out their Christmas lists and looking forward to ripping open presents from Santa to uncover new toys, clothes, books, and more
Dec. 16 2021
When considering the assets you have invested in your dairy operation, the first things that probably come to mind are your barns, buildings, equipment, and animals
Dec. 16 2021
While rising milk component levels have many contributing factors, it appears this year’s corn silage will likely help producers further optimize fat and protein in milk
Dec. 13 2021
“In my nearly 10 years with Rock River Laboratory, I can’t recall a crop shaping out like the one we’re likely going to be seeing, if not already feeding,” shared John Goeser
Oct. 18 2021
Manure will likely be unfortunately more valuable for many this year thanks to more bushels of corn passing through dairy cattle undigested
Sept. 13 2021
The starch content of corn silage is a key driver of quality and impacts the opportunity to build a cost-effective ration to drive high milk production
Aug. 16 2021
Picture movie-goers walking into a theater. Those people entering the theater were initially expecting to see a documentary film, but instead, an action movie begins, with surprises
May 3 2021
Corn for silage will be planted soon, if not already, and harvested during the summer
Jan. 25 2021
“With every bite they take . . . every mouthful, there’s good quality forage going into that animal for good animal performance,” said Jerry Clark during the Focus on Forage webinar “Managing...
Oct. 29 2020
“The first impression we have about the 2020 corn silage is that it looks like a very good crop,” said Dr. Luiz Ferrareto, ruminant nutrition specialist with University of Wisconsin-Madison...
Oct. 26 2020
Now that silage harvest is finished in Iowa, it’s time to evaluate the corn and alfalfa quality in terms of digestibility, what it means for milk production, and even a comparison to past crop year...
Oct. 12 2020
While farmers are currently preparing for corn grain harvest, they need to consider phantom yield loss, moisture, and soil compaction
Aug. 27 2020
Assessing crops and planning creative ways to store silage are factors farmers are facing heading into the 2020 corn silage harvest
Aug. 24 2020
With the 2020 turmoil, I sense this time of the year brings excitement and a sense of purpose for many
Aug. 20 2020
One of the first nutrients that our eyes are drawn to on a forage report is the crude protein value
Aug. 17 2020
Corn silage is on the top of the mind for many dairy farmers right now. As such, three farmers shared what they’ve learned as they work to produce the best corn silage they can