June 28 2024
As the National Dairy farm magazine, Hoard's Dairyman provides dairy producers with dairy market prices and includes the weekly butter price from CME, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
June 24 2024
Demand for butter has been strong in the United States, and that clearly is the case around the world as well
Sept. 18 2023
In a year when dairy commodities have been hit hard by slumping prices, butter has remained at the head of the class, barely dipping below $2.50 per pound at the wholesale level and recently rebounding...
Sept. 4 2023
One of dairy’s best attributes as a food category is that milk’s versatility means there is a dairy product that can fit almost any cooking, baking, or eating need. For even more variety, the...
Jan. 13 2023
Butter sculptures at consumer events highlight dairy in a special way
Dec. 12 2022
Dairy helps us make our favorite cookies, desserts, drinks, and more during this special time of year
Nov. 25 2022
This Thanksgiving, I decided to highlight butter in a new, trendy way
Oct. 26 2020
While some dairy products have seen dramatic gains in purchases due to COVID-19 and other products such as yogurt have seen consumers curtail buying, butter has been somewhere in the middle
Sept. 14 2020
Consumers have been flocking back to butter. That’s because evidence continues to mount that all dietary fats are not equal
Nov. 11 2019
Butter prices are slipping, with a high likelihood of falling below $2.10 per pound this month for the first time since November 2016
Aug. 5 2019
From 2000 to 2018, milkfat levels in the collective U.S. bulk tank jumped from 3.68 to 3.89 percent
Oct. 22 2018
The dairy industry has had plenty of issues to drag our spirits down lately. Some of those items would include the fourth year of relatively low milk prices, trade wars, and a wet fall hampering fieldwork...
Nov. 13 2017
Butter has become a hot commodity item in France as of late. A combination of several factors has tightened butter supplies
Feb. 9 2015
The Big Fat Surprise book turns society's view of fat upside down. A new book has taken the nation by storm, and it bodes well for both the dairy industry and agriculture as a whole. The Big Fat Surprise...
July 28 2014
Reader Response: Ignored bad butter advice In response to: Hoard's Dairyman Intel item, "Time does about face on butter." I was born on a dairy farm in 1930, in Pennsylvania, and we always drank lots of...
July 21 2014
Time does about face on butter by Maggie Seiler, Hoard's Dairyman Editorial Intern. The campaign against fat has been widespread and sweeping, affecting consumer purchasing decisions since the 1960s
March 24 2014
It has long been dogma that people should restrict their saturated fat intake in order to reduce their heart disease risk. Dietary sources of saturated fat commonly include red meat and high-fat dairy...
Feb. 17 2014
Butter consumption climbed to a 44-year high and margarine sales hit a 70-year low. With those two trends in mind, some of world's staunchest margarine proponents are now adding butter to their spreads
Jan. 31 2014
U.S. butter usage in 2013 hit its highest level in 40 years, due in great part to growing publicity about the negative effects of trans fats commonly used in margarines. How yummy is that news? According...