April 8 2020
Not lost among the stress of 2020’s coronavirus response has been the country’s 30 million students. Many of them rely on at least one meal per day supplied by the school cafeterias
Dec. 30 2019
When you gather the National Football League (NFL), some of the nation’s leading nutrition and health experts, and dairy farmers, one would hardly expect dairy farmers to draw the loudest applause
Dec. 23 2019
“Our image among health professionals has just skyrocketed since we put GENYOUth together,” stated Tom Gallagher
Oct. 7 2019
The National Dairy Council’s (NDC) flagship partnership with the NFL, Fuel Up to Play 60, recently kicked off its tenth year of activities with the start of the new school year
Sept. 26 2019
Earlier this month, I was on the West Side of Chicago to volunteer my time rejuvenating a rundown park. A group of 300 volunteers mulched trees, planted greenery, and picked up trash
Feb. 4 2019
Only GENYOUth — cofounded by the National Football League (NFL) and the National Dairy Council — could bring together teachers, nutritionists, and professional athletes to help improve nutrition...
Jan. 14 2019
When others talk about your positive virtues . . . rather than tooting your own horn . . . other peer groups tend to listen more intently
Dec. 31 2018
“Dairy farmers have supported nutritional education, research, and partnerships for the past 100 years,” explained Marilyn Hershey, a dairy farmer and board chair of Dairy Management Inc
Dec. 16 2013
"Five more years! Five more years! Five more years!" That was the chant heard loud and clear last Monday at Pulaski International School in Chicago, Ill., as Commissioner Roger Goodell helped announce...
May 2 2013
It took an NFL stadium to contain the excitement Minnesota youth had for the Fuel Up to Play 60 Program. It's not every day you get to meet an NFL athlete, especially as a 6th grader. But if you're in...
Aug. 7 2012
While those may not be your favorite football teams, Dairy Management Inc. still is looking for you to show your favorite team spirit with a dairy twist by entering the "Show your pride" dairy producer...
Feb. 18 2010
As you watched National Football League games this past season, you probably saw the commercials promoting Play 60. That's the NFL's initiative to promote 60 minutes of activity every day for youngsters....