Nov. 15 2017
Marilyn Hershey When we give water to the pens in our calf barn, we do this by filling a 30-gallon tub using a hose. On days when that is my task, I end up tucking the water hose into the tub, le
Nov. 14 2017
There is just something special about that time as you slip on your boots and head to the barn
Oct. 25 2017
A few days ago I was feeling overwhelmed with an endless workload facing me and a dirty house screaming at me
Oct. 25 2017
The bills were pouring in. From the hospital, I received a bill for over $92,000, the anesthesiologist charged $7,000, radiology came next and was almost that high
Oct. 16 2017
Dairy farmers have more bacteria in their nose and mouth, potentially correlated with better disease resistance
Oct. 11 2017
It’s a date that was a major turning point for our farm. It’s the day our calf program was literally revolutionized
Oct. 10 2017
“What are your goals?” That question came up during my visit to World Dairy Expo last week. It was one of the questions I was asked as a panelist in Dairy Girl Network’s
Sept. 27 2017
‘Tis the season for sleepless nights, stress, and quality corn silage
Sept. 26 2017
We live in an age of instant answers. Instead of wondering, we’re searching
Sept. 13 2017
Today we all pray for our families and friends and hope that things will be better soon. But tomorrow, tomorrow we will rally
Sept. 12 2017
Every night I wonder: How much longer?
Sept. 8 2017
4666 . . . Markwell No. 1 . . . Ritz. She gets called a lot of things, depends on who is doing the talking. The “she” is Markwell-KR Reality Ritz-ET
Aug. 30 2017
Knowing my cows means I know more than just their name, I know them.
Aug. 29 2017
People who grew up on dairy farms often mention their love for dairy cows, their passion for the dairy community, and their calling to work in dairy
Aug. 24 2017
We started chopping our corn silage July 20 this year and finished chopping August 18. It has definitely been one of the longest silage seasons I have ever encountered. We planted a good bit more corn
Aug. 22 2017
We got to observe the wonder of the eclipse from the comfort of our farm.
Aug. 8 2017
“So, how did it feel marrying into a farm family?” is a question I often get asked as a young female dairy farmer
July 28 2017
My dad came from a large Midwest family where they milked 25 cows, raised some sheep, had a few chickens, and worked cropland. He was one of seven hard-working farm boys with four sisters
July 18 2017
“Whap!” I didn’t even see the hit coming. That sound and the stinging pain were simultaneous. It took place as I was hanging a unit up between two cows when the cow behind me gave...
July 15 2017
Karen Bohnert School’s out for summer. Music to every kid’s heart, I’m sure. Or at least my trio were elated when the school bell rang for the last time and the doors opened wide. Although