Nov. 8 2018
This is a friendly reminder to all of you, and myself — never give up on your dreams. I once had dreams
Sept. 26 2018
Being a young farmer has never been easy. We go through the same struggles as our parents when they started out
Sept. 25 2018
In our part of the country, we don’t rely on pivots and canals to water our crops; we look to the sky and wait for the clouds to open up and give us rain
Aug. 25 2018
Old barns have history embedded in their walls. If those walls could talk, what stories they could tell of the joys and hardships of their farms
Aug. 25 2018
It is getting real out there in the dairy industry. It is not necessary for me to tell you twice. We see it in every state, with every style of farm, and size is not a factor
July 24 2018
We currently are the host to two male carpet gnomes who we have the pleasure of calling our children
March 7 2018
Most days I can sit down and just crank out an article for you. But this time, I’m not going to lie, I have hit a block so hard I think it left a mark
March 6 2018
Across the country America’s dairy farmers are sitting down to kitchen tables and making tough choices
Feb. 25 2018
We knew it was coming, and there wasn’t anything we could do but buckle down and await the arrival of the arctic forecast. Not only was the impending weather all over the news
Feb. 10 2018
Karen Bohnert I’ve learned this the hard way. For more than four years, I’ve battled with anxiety
Jan. 30 2018
“You can’t be a stay-at-home-mom. You’ll never be able to keep up with the Joneses.” Those were my academic adviser’s words
Jan. 26 2018
Herds from coast to coast will be interviewed to talk about their dairy operations and the passion they have for the industry. The RFD-TV segment will last one hour
Jan. 25 2018
It is hard to believe that we closed out 2017. I probably say this every year, but it seems that this one flew by in record time
Jan. 25 2018
We have to step up together, innovate, and share our message. It is time for dairy farmers to “Face Everything and Rise”
Jan. 16 2018
I was in college when I first heard the phrase: faith first, family second, career third. It made sense at the time. Even now it makes some sense
Jan. 15 2018
Humor is one of the best ways we can share our story
Jan. 10 2018
Karen Bohnert Not too long after I wrote about my oldest son being praised for being the coachable kid, Tyler did a 180- degree turnaround
Dec. 28 2017
It’s a date that was a major turning point for our farm. It’s the day our calf program was literally revolutionized
Dec. 15 2017
Just you wait.” I used to never like that phrase. When I was just married and before I got pregnant, which was just a few months after, everyone would tell me, “Just you wait until...