May 31 2018
School is finished, it’s getting hot and humid outside, and summertime fun time is here in Georgia . . . well, almost
May 29 2018
How many times have we heard this question in our various roles on the farm? Probably countless, and we all know it’s never for just a minute!
May 24 2018
Our children certainly sleep more than their father or I did when we were their age. But during school breaks, my kids are still up by 7 a.m
May 16 2018
First thing tomorrow morning I have to milk the cows, but I also cannot forget about the fresh heifer, I have to make sure the calves are fed, and then I need to hurry back to get the kids on the bus
May 15 2018
‘Tis the season as tractors head back into the fields. Longer daylight hours provide the perfect conditions for those additional work hours, and the warmer days are a welcome end to a long winter...
May 10 2018
There may have been a time when we were at the happiest place on earth as a family of five, having less than a happy time
May 3 2018
“You are smart.” “You know cows.” “You can tell stories.”
May 1 2018
Spring always marks a special occasion in our family as we attend the Volunteer Firefighter’s annual banquet
April 24 2018
No bending. No squatting. No heavy lifting
April 12 2018
Oh Jordy! You have captured the hearts of us all, even though you (unsuccessfully) try to take on our beloved barn cat, Shakira
April 11 2018
I don’t actually know how to fix the dairy industry. I know that it will be a multistep process
April 6 2018
I awoke with a feeling of anticipation mixed with distress. As a girl of 4 years old, taking naps was simply a necessity, but I was not about to sleep through the most exciting part of my day
April 5 2018
People have the perspective that dairy farmers have no life. That they work sunup to sundown, and that they eat, sleep, and breathe farming
March 29 2018
Snow, and sometimes an abundance of it, makes us long for the next season
March 23 2018
I’ve always been a big fan of March Madness. Initially it was because of my interest in the sport of basketball and my propensity for cheering for my team — the K-State Wildcats
March 22 2018
Everyday, when I finally drag myself into the house, my wife will ask me how my day went
March 20 2018
I had to take a deep breath these last couple of weeks. The state of our industry is no joke
March 8 2018
My dad and I have been writing for the Hoard’s Dairyman blog together as a team for a while now
Feb. 16 2018
It’s definitely a generational issue. As dairy farms all over the country transition from one generation to the next, there can be a lot of different issues that need to be resolved
Feb. 15 2018
It has been bitterly cold here in East Moline, Ill. As I write this blog, we are subzero with more than a foot of snow on the ground