Jan. 13 2020
Here we are on the upward swing of the commodity price cycle roller coaster.Time to take a deep breath — yes
July 8 2019
“With the way the economics have been in the industry the last couple years, you better have a strong relationship with your lender,” advised Scott Benner
May 20 2019
The challenges faced by dairymen and dairywomen are downright dire down on the farm
Feb. 11 2019
Assets, liability, and equity all are reached new highs, based on data from USDA’s Economic Research Service
Jan. 28 2019
Given the current dairy economy, most among us may have the feeling that farms that have minimized debt in recent years has allowed them to survive the current crisis
Oct. 29 2018
When someone mentions that a business is “profitable,” people assume they know what that means. However, we shouldn’t casually make this sort of judgment call
Jan. 1 2018
A financial analysis system called DuPont assesses profitability through three primary levers: 1. Asset utilization 2. Efficiency 3. Leverage