July 1 2019
Reproductive herd health visits by veterinarians have changed tremendously with the use of ultrasound technology
April 22 2019
In 2003, the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program was established to aid rural communities and livestock operators in those areas. It does so by helping to payoff young veterinarians’ student...
Aug. 27 2018
“Oh my, she does not look good.”To me, she just looked lethargic. She wasn’t thrifty.That was my first reaction after giving Cow No. 139 a visual evaluation while walking the freestall...
Aug. 20 2018
Anyone who has watched dairy cows use large mechanical roller brushes knows it’s pretty obvious they love them
June 11 2018
A nightmare animal health scenario has hit New Zealand’s dairy industry and government officials are taking painful steps to deal with it
June 4 2018
Does any sector of agriculture depend more upon good records than dairy farming?