May 9 2024
Building a successful dairy herd requires strategic decisions when it comes to culling and replacement cattle
May 6 2024
It’s that time of year when flies return to our barns and become a nuisance for farm workers and animals alike
March 25 2024
The mystery illness that has caused dairy cattle in and around the Texas Panhandle to experience drops in milk production and rumination, thick milk, and other secondary symptoms has been identified as...
March 21 2024
An unusual and concerning animal health situation is unfolding in and around the Texas Panhandle, and it is leaving more questions than answers
Dec. 11 2023
What dairy farmers should be concerned about is the amount of strain a cow is under
Jan. 10 2023
Changing economics and shrinking margins on dairy’s home front have been a strong driver in herd demographics throughout the United States. When Hoard’s Dairyman partnered with the American...
Jan. 14 2022
When temperatures are between 59°F and 82°F, a dairy calf can manage and control its body temperature with relative ease. “They are generating metabolic body heat and have normal exchange...
May 3 2021
Just as in human medicine, antibiotics can serve as a useful treatment tool when a dairy animal becomes sick
April 29 2021
More than a year ago, the global health pandemic put many aspects of life on pause. Farmers faced their share of disruptions and challenges, but the daily work had to be done
Feb. 18 2021
“Reproductive efficiency improves the farm’s lifetime production and lifetime profitability if done correctly,” said Rob Lynch, D.V.M., a veterinarian with Cornell’s PRO-DAIRY group
Oct. 21 2019
Lameness can be a fairly ambiguous term on dairy farms, but we know that it is consistently one of the most prevalent interferences with healthy dairy production
Sept. 9 2019
Calcium status surrounding calving is not only important, but it also varies significantly depending on the cow
July 1 2019
Reproductive herd health visits by veterinarians have changed tremendously with the use of ultrasound technology
Aug. 27 2018
“Oh my, she does not look good.”To me, she just looked lethargic. She wasn’t thrifty.That was my first reaction after giving Cow No. 139 a visual evaluation while walking the freestall...
Aug. 20 2018
Anyone who has watched dairy cows use large mechanical roller brushes knows it’s pretty obvious they love them
June 11 2018
A nightmare animal health scenario has hit New Zealand’s dairy industry and government officials are taking painful steps to deal with it
June 4 2018
Does any sector of agriculture depend more upon good records than dairy farming?