Oct. 8 2018
Volunteers. These dedicated dairy souls have been the heartbeat of World Dairy Expo since its very inception in 1967
Oct. 8 2018
World Dairy Expo 2018 wrapped up Saturday evening with a bang, but just like this year’s theme, “The Next Frontier,” the brightest lights still lie ahead
Sept. 28 2018
The air is cooling, the leaves are starting to change, and it’s getting darker earlier and earlier
Sept. 27 2018
Like the morning after a college football bowl game win or a New Year’s Eve party, walking through the Expo barns on Sunday morning looks like the remnants of a great gathering with plenty of clean-up...
Sept. 27 2018
Lights, cameras, Expo! Since 2008, Token Creek Mobile Television brought World Dairy Expo’s colored shavings, elated exhibitors, and world-class cows to the big screen through ExpoTV
Sept. 24 2018
When Dr. Sheila McGuirk earned her degree in veterinary medicine, there were not many practicing women veterinarians
Sept. 17 2018
“Why are we doing this?”“What are the priorities?”Those are the questions that Dr. Sheila McGuirk asked herself when dealing with cancer, an accident, or someone else’s health
Sept. 10 2018
While many people many know that Dr. Sheila McGuirk played a pivotal role in showring ethics and implementing the new dairy cattle check-in process, those same people may not know that she biked coast...